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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Hello @Thimo

Does this mean we can trigger workflows with the buttons inside the table?

@afryer @equibodyapp I will look into the possibility of adding this feature!

Yes, the demo page showcases an example of this! (:

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@Thimo Hi :smiley:

I would like to know if two different Data types can be joined in a table, this in order for the filtering to work correctly.

Currently I have 2 tables with their respective data types, and I want to add a third one that is the combination of both.

Is it possible and if so, how could I do it?


Hey Tristan - did you get the table sorting by dates? Ran into the same issue.

@Thimo hey, i have a request/feature for the plugin.
as u know, bubble has a new update and now we have a new responsive engine, so could you please add this feature on your table?
thanks :smiley:

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@armcburn @tristan.jaquier

Update 2.29.0

Certain date formats should now be automatically recognised to improve the sorting of dates. The demo page shows an example of a date format that should sort correctly.

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading


It appears as though the latest update broke sorting for me entirely. When I switch back to 2.28.0, it sorts great. I even noticed that certain columns don’t sort on the plugin demo page, so I’m thinking it’s not just me. Anyone else experience this?

@sydney22 Just pushed an update for this (2.29.1) :slight_smile:

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@Thimo Works great! Thanks for the fast response!

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@Thimo Hi Thimo, great plugin!
i see that there is a max of 15 columns on the table editor.
How can i add more columns? just with the acction of append column?

my intention is that my app shows a table of 22 column just after page is loaded.

Upgrade it to support the new engine Thim :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I have a column of profile photos. Some are empty. What’s the best way to add a conditional image for the empties?

Would the plugin impact app/page performance outside of existing Bubble parameters? Pages using the table are becoming increasingly slower as there is more entries in the database it is loading from. Is it possible to limit the data being loaded to the quantity on the page (i.e. 25 results per pagination page)? Or would this simply be done by more specified search queries/back-end workflows?

Hi @Thimo please do not forget to review my comment above please.
if it is possible to have more than 15 columns.

Hi @jdiazarmas, yes! You can append unlimited more columns using workflow actions. Just keep in mind to only do this when the table is loaded. This is an example for you to look at: Pluginpreview | Bubble Editor

Server-side pagination is at this time not implemented into the plugin. This is possible, but quite hard to understand for the end user. I am looking into ways to make this kore user friendly! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sorting out the date sorting Thimo. You rock! Excellent plugin with excellent support.

@Thimo, is it possible to stop table from reloading when search results are displayed? Any search results are lost and table is reset and reloaded every single time any of the records are updated (displayed or not). This makes the search function useless when records (displayed or not, any record at all) are edited by other users.

Alternatively, is it possible to have that particular cell record update dynamically instead of having the entire table reloaded every single time?

What are the best practices for vertical and horizontal padding when you have multiple tables on one page? I have 4 tables with differing numbers of columns and if I tweak the padding for one it impacts the others.

Is it best to try to use the same padding values across the board or is it more of a trial and error approach? So far I’ve done the latter and there are still headers that get cut off.

I might be having a dense moment… but is there a way to prevent this overlap without killing the layout of the table? (See screenshot)

I didn’t notice this was happening - the search being reset when the data changes. I’m going to dig into this in the coming weeks and see if we can solve it by leveraging some states in conjunction with the plugin. I’ll report back if we find a resolution.