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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Hi @Thimo! Love this plugin.

I am trying to add in the checkboxes, and cannot for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong. 1st screenshot shows the checkbox setting, and the 2nd one shows how it appears on the page… any idea?

@jacob.b.singer Thats odd. When you visit the demo page, do those checkboxes show?

Maybe another plugin on your page conflicts with the checkboxes in the table. Just to test, could you create a new table on a blank page to see if this persists?

I just now bough this and it does shows blank for linked in column
I have a look up table called userroles; I added field role of type userroles to User type
now I want to show the user name and corresponding role to the user



Hi @Thimo, I’m wondering if a list of nested things is supported as yet?

For instance if I have a list of users on a thing, and I want to return a text field on that list of users as a list in a cell?

@equibodyapp Yes you can. I have included an example in column 11 of the demo page. Keep in mind to split by the same separator you are using on the original search and make sure to not use this same separator on your nested list of things :slight_smile:

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Update 2.32.0

Added the option to enable resizable columns:



This is one of my fave plugins now and I don’t even bother with RG’s when I need a table like layout. one of my business SaaS apps has this plugin EVERYWHERE! :slight_smile: Takes 5 mins to implement a perfectly aligned, paginated list with fast and powerful search function. Users love it :slight_smile:


Very nice to hear that you and your customers are enjoying the plugin! :slight_smile:

@Thimo I’m having a little issue that when there is a blank field in a list, instead of returning it blank it returns the next entry down and then the records in the table don’t line up.

For example let’s say I have this list

First name | last name | email
john, smith, [email protected]
jane, doe,
jess, smith, [email protected]
tim, smith, [email protected]

the table will appear like this:
john, smith, [email protected]
jane, doe, [email protected]
jess, smith, [email protected]
tim, smith, [email protected]

Would we be able to have that blank record return for that row so that it doesn’t put the rows out of sync?


PS the specific field I found that was blank and putting the rows out of sync is a nested thing if that helps

@equibodyapp Blank fields should be supported, however I am not sure what your setup is exactly. You can take a look at the demo page. Column 4 of the demo page has a nested thing example you could look at and it includes missing values :slight_smile:

Editor demo page: Pluginpreview | Bubble Editor

Hi @Thimo ,

This is my set up - I believe it is correct and works perfectly when no blank fields.

Just reporting the bug as it’s currently NOT supporting blank fields :slight_smile:

I have triple checked that all lists are the same.

@equibodyapp Not sure what is happening here, I will send you a PM so we can take a closer look! :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo , first of all, an amazing plugin!

It is super responsive, easy to use and probably the most comprehensive in the bubble store table plugins.

A “few” requests :slight_smile:

  1. The ability to use “this row” in the HTML field instead of {{value}}. While {{value}} is great, it is limiting options.
    For example. if I have an image, and I want to turn it into a link, I cannot because the image is the value, but the link comes from another data field in the same row.

  2. When the row/column event fires, is there a way to get the column name when it’s not a button?

  3. Add an option to cut content when the width is is too short instead of wrap.

  4. Add a tooltip option.

  5. Add a way to specify fixed width on a column.

Hello, using this Plugin can I add a button on this data table ?

You can add up to 3 buttons, they all show at the end of the table (as the last columns if that makes sense).

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@alon2 thank you for your feature requests! I
Will put them on my list to see if they can be implemented! :slight_smile:

Can you please show a demo of linked things? I am not able to get this; I always forced to each items in linked table and it does not work

@bw1 you can see a demo of a nested thing on the demo page (column 4): Pluginpreview | Bubble Editor :slight_smile:

Thanks it works;
I have question on large data; the plugin works if I bring about 100 rows; once I try to get more than 100 even with just 1 column, I see a message “loading…” but does not show any data

Hi @Thimo is there a way to highlight the clicked row?

As in, you can set what colour the row should be on hover, is there a way to keep that row background colour when it’s clicked?

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