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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Hey @Thimo thanks so much for the reply, appreciate the help! I was trying to follow the demo you linked but having some problems still, the data that I’m putting into the original table is pulled from an API, will this still work in that case?

Oh wow I hadn’t considered that- I’ll try it out!

@Thimo Right now the pagination always updates when the table is set to auto-refresh on data updates. Grid.js has the option to disable that behavior:

Could you make that option available in the table settings? (the resetPageOnUpdate option in the configuration file)

This would be useful for tables with lots of pages where users can update the data by clicking a button in the table. Right now they always get pushed back to the first page after updating the data. the only way to prevent that right now is by disabling the auto-refresh which is needed though to keep the table data updated.

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@Thimo please let me know if that’s something you’d like to add. If not then I’ll need to build a grid.js plugin myself :sweat_smile:

My app has a notification system and I’d like to apply a badge to the buttons in the table. Is this possible?

@tobi1 The plugin does not use that option to refresh the table. It is more complicated unfortunately. I have pushed an update (2.38.0) so that the table now remembers the current pagination when the (data of the) table gets updated (I think this is the expected behaviour)! :slight_smile:

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@sydney22 Not sure if this is possible. I think you can create the badge, but you will need data to show inside of it. I can’t really think of a good way to do that, but if something comes up I will post it here!

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Awesome, thanks @Thimo! Even just a badge itself would be very helpful (yes/no and appearing before a notification has been read).

Awesome @Thimo! It’s working and does exactly what I need. Thank you

Hi @Thimo, apologies if this has already been asked, I could not find any instructions.

I’m trying to have each cell in a certain column display a value from a different data type. I.e. my main Table is of type “user” and, for each cell in the Groups column, I want to do a search for all “group” where the user is a member. When I try to set the data source, I don’t see any way to reference the current cell’s value. Is this possible?

@rob20 you should be able to do something like that using the ‘Calculation example’ on the demo page (Column 9) / the ‘combination of fields’ example (Column 10)! :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I’m still not sure how to do this. In your example, the data source for the column is “Table datas”. Imagine there was another table, like “Extra Info”, and for each cell in the “Extra” column, you need to Do a search for “Extra Info”, where the table_data field = current cell’s value, i.e. table data’s unique ID.

I tried creating Dynamic content in the HTML/BB code section, searching for my other table where ID = Arbitrary Text, with the arbitrary text being {{value}}, but that doesn’t seem to work.

In short, I need to use the current cell’s value in a search.

@rob20 You can refer to your current cells value using the method I send. I have created an example for you. Column 1 shows a way to refer to another table!

I have also included another example (if you want to change your data structure): Column 2 shows a much simpler way to do that by having the other data type be part of the data type you are searching for.

Demo: Pluginpreview | Bubble Editor

I get it now - you do the 2nd search within the Format as Text node. Thanks!

It looks great!

Hi @Thimo just bought your awesome plugin. I’m trying to work out my edit page approach as I have several of these maintenance pages to build.

Two questions. First, I was trying to implement two row button actions, Edit and Delete. When I used the workflow condition to look for the clicked button column name, but it never fires the second button. Are two buttons supported?

I also tried doing a button and selecting the row. The button action doesn’t supersede the row action, so you wind up getting both actions at once. Otherwise, my delete could be a button and clicking the row would bring up edit.

So, I thought I’ll implement a checkbox to allow the user to delete multiple records at once. I’m struggling on how to best set this up as I see how the list is sent from the table but not how to do a deletion over a list of records.

I’ll take any solution at this point. Do you have examples with multiple buttons or row and button or using checkboxes to do a mass deletion? I’d be curious to see how others are doing this.

Thank you for saving me a ton of time with the rest!

Hey @Thimo, I finally figured out the issue with the two-button approach and it’s a bit of a head scratcher.

It seems if you name the column Delete or Remove, it doesn’t work. I tried naming the column Clear and it worked with no other changes. Are Delete and Remove as column names reserved words?


@Thimo Hi, has anyone had an issue on the new resonsive engine? because i have just bought the plugin and it doesnt seem to load (i’ve tried with even a single column of data)

Basically what’s happening is that once the page is loaded, everything sees like it’s loaded, but then about 1-2 seconds later it all disappears, and goes into a “loading” state:

It never shows the data again until page-reload, at which point it disappears again, if i copy this same element to a non-responsive engine page, it’ll load fine, please advise … thanks!

Hi @taylor1, this should not happen. I will send you a PM so we can take a better look!

Hey Thimo, I’m having the same issue as the above! I’m happy to add you as an editor into my project so you can take a look. I have tried with only one column as well.

Edit: I’ve tinkered around, and it appears to only be a problem when I’m calling one of the default fields (creation date, modified date, created by etc). These values are present in the database so not sure why it’s not working. I don’t really need it for my project, but maybe this’ll help track down a bug.