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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

No worry @Thimo, that was just to say something, I’m really not entitled to say anything in fact :smiley:

If I may help, do not hesitate

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One (small ?) thing : would there be a way to be able to choose the CSV export delimiter ? (aka comma, semi-colon, …).

That would really help for my app. As per the regional settings (“List separator” param for excel), in France CSV is seen as using a semi colon as the default delimiter.

I think I found a minor bug @thimo. I built a table using my data, the first column contain a date formatted as text with custom format : “dd/mm/yy à HH:MM”.

As a result, this text date is not displayed on the cells. But there are present in the CSV export.

Screenshots below :



@Christophe_HK That’s definitely a weird problem. I will look into it to see if I can find a bug! Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile:

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Maybe because the customer date format contains a letter with an accent… I’ve to try removing this letter!

Big update! 2.7.0 & 2.7.1

You can now add custom HTML to the cells of a column. Simple BBcode including Font Awesome icons are also supported. This adds almost unlimited more possibilities! The demo page is updated to showcase these new features:


The new fields looks like this:
2020-11-22 om 20.01.14

You can use the [fas] tags for Font Awesome icons and use {{value}} to represent the value of the cell. Let me know if you want more examples on the demo page!

Can we add in buttons now?

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@nocodeventure Yes you can with HTML. I have to find a good way to trigger workflows using these buttons though. You can of course use javascript, but I will look into if there is a more user friendly way.


Impressive! :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Hey @thimo,

Would there be a way to also be able to replace the “No matching records found” resulting from a search using a configurable parameter (i’d like to display it in French).

Also, in case a search return no result, the table line in which the “No matching records found” is displayed can be clicked and triggers the workflow associated to the row or ID click… Is there a way to block the execution of the click workflows when no result retrieved from a search ?

Hi @Christophe_HK, regarding the “No matching records found” text, I have reached out to the library owner and he is likely to add the possibility to replace it in the coming library update :slight_smile:

Your second point seems like something that should not happen. I will see if this is something that I can fix or that this is maybe a bug in the library which I can report.

Great, many thanks @Thimo !

Again, your plugin is amazing. So easy to add tables in our app, and these tables are really nice and powerfull !

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Hello @Thimo

When running my app containing tables with debug mode ON, I’ve discovered a bug or a problem I can’t identify the root cause.

This problem occurs when I click on a table’s row, using the click ID event : the ID field of the table is the unique ID of the thing displayed in the table. When the click event occurs, I send the thing to a popup using a Do a search (thing with ID = the table ID).

The error message is the following :confused:

The plugin Table / Grid / element Table / grid threw the following error: UnexpectedError Expected a string, but got a number (original data: 3)
    at P (
    at Object.JS_to_bubble ( (please report this to the plugin author)

This problem happens with all tables in my app

@Christophe_HK I will send you a PM so we can take a better look at the issue you are having!

Love your plugin @Thimo
Can I remove the seperator (styling) between colums and just keep it between rows?

Hi @Kackur,

Great to hear that you like the plugin! The current version of the plugin doesn’t support a feature like that, but I will see if I can implement it for you! I am only not sure if the library supports that though.


Hi @Thimo,
How can I display a list in the column value?
For example,
1 app has a list of Category (option set)

Set this field type as text and try using the -*formatted as text" (with a line break delimiter) after the search + a data field from your App data type, it should work

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Hi @Christophe_HK
What did I configure wrongly?

Here is the error

@vankhoa0603 List of option sets are not supported at the moment. Single option sets are. Normal lists (without option sets) are also supported. There is an example of how to use a list in the cells on the demo page (column 6): I also included an option set example in column 7.

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