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[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

@Thimo Any way to force a max width on a specific column? Say, a column with just a profile pic. Would love the column to be just as wide, not wider.

@equibodyapp Hello! Did you happen to hear anything from @Thimo on this or find a way to fix it? We’re experiencing the same issue and it’s rendering searches in all of our grids useless. Happy to compare notes if it helps to troubleshoot.

Hi @fbrown I am still trying to replicate the issue. I will PM you to see if I can learn more!

Looks like the latest update has solved the issue - Thanks Thimo :slight_smile:

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Update 2.41.0

Thank you, @Thimo !

FYI I was able to do this with some javascript so it seems it is possible, just not via the plugin itself.

Hey @Thimo Is there some condition like below a certain width that the visual won’t load?

I’m on 2.41.0 and I have it on a floating group of 320 px wide and the table has two data columns, one button column, no search, no pagination, and no sorting. It is just sitting there saying Loading… and it never does. The ones on a full page work beautifully.


Any ideas?

Hi @treb.gatte Not sure if this is due to the width of the table. This often happens when you try to show incorrect data in your table. I will send you a PM so we can take a better look!

It was the width of the table. If the underlying group is not wide enough to render the table content, the table hangs.

I seem to be getting this error in debug mode- it’s coming from the Re-render table action. Weird thing is everything works fine when I set debug to false:

The plugin Table / Grid / action Re-render table a Table / grid threw the following error: TypeError: is not a function
at eval (PLUGIN_1593724959866x956106696186921000/Table-/-Grid-element_action–Table-/-grid-Re-render-table-.js:6:19)

Hi @sydney22

This could happen if you are trying to re-render the table when it is not yet visible/loaded on the page. In my experience the debug mode is a bit slower than the test or live mode, which can cause the table to be not yet loaded when you trigger this workflow. For the initial table load, you can use the ‘is loaded’ state of the table to know when it is ready!

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Great advice, @Thimo! That cleared everything up!

I’ve been using table/grid for over a year.

Suddenly today, I am getting frequent “loading” errors and tables are not displaying. Is this due to the plugin? Or is this an effect of bubble? Does anyone else have a similar situation?

I have multiple tables on a single page, some tables are “loading” and some are not. Also, some tables are loaded and can be displayed, but the pagination page button cannot be clicked.

Some tables may have a large number of items, but still display the information, while others may have a small number of items but remain “loading” and not display the information.

When the page is refreshed, the information may be displayed easily, or conversely, the information may not be displayed even though it was displayed earlier.

Additional Information. When I re-render a loaded table from a workflow, the “loading” message stays on the display and the content is not displayed.

P.S. I think I may have solved the problem. I recently added an item to one of my tables that uses option set, and when I set the data type to text in the each item display, everything displays just fine as before.

Yes, option sets need to be displayed like texts (as they are actually objects)! Glad it is now solved for you :slight_smile:

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It is possible to use this table plugin for data input? I want to be able to copy and paste data from a spreadsheet, paste it to a blank table in bubble, and have it create new things for each row… is there a way to do that without importing CSV?

Hi is it possible to show different popups depending on which cell i click? I have users and jobs shown on my table, i would like to have a popup showing info about users when clicked on a user and info about the job when clicked on a job.

Thanks for getting back to me! Your wonderful plugin is much appreciated. Looking forward to further developments!