[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Hi @Thimo !

Any idea how much WU your plugin will consume?
I am wondering how this new pricing is gonna impact your plugin because of all the “Do search” that are needed.

I’m having an issue where it’ only showing the current active user and no other users, even though I put the first column to search for all users.

@jamesgetsresults this sounds like an issue with your privacy rules. There is by default a privacy rule on the user object. You can find your privacy rules in the data tab of the editor

@akoziol the plugin should not consume any WU’s as it does not do any calls to the server. A ‘do a search for’ will cost WU’s as you would expect. Doing multiple the same ‘do a search for’s should also not in create your WU count as they are cached :slight_smile:

@Thimo thanks for your reply didn’t know about that.

I have another question, when I use this data source, the table stays in a loading mode without displaying any data.
In a RG, it displays the data correctly

I can’t see whats going on from the screenshot unfortunately. I will send you a PM so we can take a better look :slight_smile:

Hi Thimo,
How do I add an image from a URL into a cell? I’ve been trying many things, but I can’t figure it out. For example: https://mcdn.wallpapersafari.com/medium/10/36/2PksJn.jpg.

@jamesrose.sf You can see an example on the demo page:

Editor: Pluginpreview | Bubble Editor

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Thanks Thimo, it worked. You saved me at least a week of work with this plugin :grinning:

Hey there :slight_smile:

Fantastic plugin. Any way to make the heading row bold?

I noticed that in my table, when I have 9 columns, the table is too large for the page and there’s an horizontal scrollbar. But when I add an extra column, then all 10 columns fit on the page with no scrollbar needed. [it does seem to depend on what I put in the 10th column as with some data the scroll bar stays]. Is there some logic/settings that dictate this? I’d like my table to never have horizontal scrollbars.

@jamesrose.sf The plugins will become scrollable when the width gets too small. What you can do to prevent this is increasing the width of the table or change the following options:

@Thimo Is there a backup plan with the plugin in case ListShifter is no longer maintained? Its author recently said he was considering leaving Bubble and I use ListShifter to delete checked items from the table.

@sydney22 It is a free plugin so it can be forked and maintained by me or someone else. Or, if it is necessary, I can add that functionality to the table plugin as I think you are only using it to append multiple columns right?

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Ok sounds great. I’m using it to delete multiple checked rows at once. When I check a row, I have a trash can icon appear and clicking that icon triggers ListShifter.

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Is there any tips for overriding 200 query limit? I understand pagination is one option, but is something like that possible with this extension? thanks!

@Thimo Considering this plugin. A few questions on the demo.

Append / Remove Columns
I am working with an API that has a lot of data returned as endpoints. Lets say there is 20 endpoints I might want to display and default is 5 columns. I would like to have a popup or some type of way to show/hide all these columns. Side note on the demo - the button append/remove column doesn’t seem to be working right. It add a country column over and over again when toggled.

The API endpoint will be used for sorting. I see in the demo it is using a database search. Would it be possible to use the sorting for each column but pass it to the api instead? What I have been doing is setting each one up as a custom state. Then when clicked, it would set the custom state to the column I want to sort and trigger a custom event that refreshes the API call. Would that be possible with the plugin?

The endpoint returns total pages and a lot of info on the current page, etc. Would the table support paging through the API if configured properly?

@callum1 I am not sure if I understand sorry, what limit are you talking about exactly? :slight_smile:

You can append and remove these appended columns using workflow actions. Will that help?

Thanks for flagging, this is now fixed! :slight_smile:

Triggering a workflow when a sort button is clicked is not supported. The plugin will do all the sorting for you, why do you need an API endpoint for that?

No, the table needs to receive one big list and it will do the pagination itself. It is not supported to supply a subset of data and load the page when the ‘next’ button is clicked

Hopefully this helps!

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