[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

I had this exact same issue when displaying multiple tables using a tab set.

I needed to add a one second pause in the workflow, this way the table was fully visible before the re-render happened. Worked! Now I just need to get a loading spinner to improve the 1 second of load time before the table columns get corrected.

I hope this helps! Great plugin BTW :slight_smile:

Dear Thimo,

First of all: Great plug-in. Thanks for making and maintaining it.

I started using it yesterday and have some issues / questions:

  1. In my database I store a number between 1-5 indicating a star rating. Any idea how I could display stars in the table?
  2. Is it possible to use another input / search field for search instead of the built-in search? That would give me more freedom in styling and positioning it.
  3. Can I disable borders? Only way I found is to make the border color the same as the background. However that still shows borders on hover.
  4. My table displays data of an array of things. When I change to another thing in the array which has no entries the table still displays the data of the first array. When I trigger re-render through actions I receive an error message. Only thing that helps a is a refresh which is not so nice for UX.

Any ideas how I can solve these issues?

Kind regards,

Hi @Thimo,
Thanks for the very useful plugin!

I would like to split the background color of the table into two colors for even and odd columns, but my wish is not granted.

Please let me know if there is a better way.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @dominik3

You could use the HTML/bbCode field to try to create a star rating graphic

You could use a Bubble input that filters your data expressions inside the table. That would work a bit differently though.

At this time you can only change the color of the borders

I am not sure whats going on here. What do you exactly mean by: “When I change to another thing”?

This is not supported right now, but I do see that this can be a helpful feature. I will put it in my list to see if I can implement this in a future update! :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo, I love this plugin. Great work!

Is there a way to have the search field value persist between re-renders? I want my data to stay up to date, but I don’t want to boot my user out of their search when the data is updated.

I’m trying to save the state of the search bar value, though I’m not seeing a workflow action to update it on re-render.

What do you think?

Hi @Thimo, is there any way to restrict what columns are searched? This would be massively useful.

Hi @Lacroo! This is not yet supported by the plugin. I will explore if a feature like this is supported by the library! I do see that it could be useful! :slight_smile:

Hey @Thimo was it ever determined whether a select all checkbox in the header was possible? The button select all works great but a header one would be intuitive and reflect the standard.

@Thimo We desperately need to be able to adjust line height!

@Lacroo Just pushed an update (2.65.0) that adds the line height property for cells


Hi @Thimo !

I’m facing a “delay” issue when filtering the data using custom states.
When I change the custom state value like adding or removing some filter sometimes it loads and sometimes it does not load.

Can you help me?

I found a hint…
I have a custom state that is a list of option set.
Then to filter the table inside the do a search I have to add, remove, add the same filter so that table loads the data according to the filter I selected.
Maybe it helps.

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Beautiful! Thank you!

While you’re at it, @Thimo can you also look into these XXXXL width check boxes?

Thanks a ton!

Can anybody help me? Trying to select all checkboxes at one time but facing this error.

Followed the same example presented on Page Editor of the plugin.
Do I need to enable some feature on the Table element?


That is caused because you only have 1 column in your table. The checkbox column does not have a max width as you can also give the checkbox column a name. If you add more columns it will force the checkbox column to be its normal size again! Let me know if this helps in your case

@silviorodriguez95 I haver not seen that error before. You do not have to enable a feature just make sure you have checkboxes enabled and the table is visible on the page when you are running that workflow action. If you still can’t figure it out, could you send me a PM so we can take a closer look? :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo

When I click them one by one works perfectly, but making a button to select all at once prompts me this error. If the checkbox columns appears may I consider it’s enable? Or do I need to double check something further?

Thanks a lot!

Hey Thimo,
Wondering if you’ll be able to integrate the new Table from bubble with some native functionality? Still love all the additions you have around pagination, sort etc.