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Hello Thimo!

I am wondering if it is possible to call the values already calculated within the table’s cell and subtract it from other values in table.

For instance the boxes in red: I want the CA2 value of 44 (- 11) = 33


Hi @gosenfu, the only difference between the development and live environment is your data. This is because your live database if separate from your development database. Could you check if you are showing the correct data in your table in the live version?

Hi @Bilby, you can use data from other columns as long as they are accessible directly in your data. You can check out these examples on the demo page:

Hopefully this helps!

How would you prevent content from coming out of the cell?
I have this:

I would like to set a limit the width of the oval and truncate the text inside, using ellipses.
I tried to add to the BBCode as I would handle CSS normally (Admittedly, I’m a bit rusty on my CSS) but this is not working.

@hhenske Your CSS is the cause of the text not wrapping. I can’t really help with custom code (as it will take a long time for me to reproduce and test). Big chance it is caused by your ‘width’ property that is set to ‘fit-content’. Might help to paste your CSS into chatGPT and ask for the reason it is not wrapping so you know for sure :slight_smile:

Ok. I’ve got a less awkward looking solution and a question sent to a Bubble mentor about truncating the actual data. But there is one more issue, a new behavior that is plaguing us. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom (When resizing, the table/page resets to the first, rather than staying on the page) Is there a setting I am missing, or a way to get it not to do that?

@Thimo There is a new behavior that is plaguing us. Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
When resizing, the table/page resets to the first, rather than staying on the page. We do this during development testing responsiveness and our customers do this when working with split screen. (It was remaining on the page, and not resetting) early last week.
Is there a setting I am missing, or a way to get it not to do that?

Hey @hhenske, this is actually the normal behavior that should always happen. This is happening due to the automatic update feature that refreshes the table when an update happens. You could disable this by enable the checkbox to not refresh the table, however when this checkbox is checked you should use the re-render workflow action to manually update the table.

Hopefully this makes sense!

That’s very helpful, thank you. I will check the box and get to testing.


Thanks. I got the CSS straightened out. But in the end, it was the actual name and in another column and ID that were too long. I had to handle their lengths and wasn’t getting an option to truncate. This is what we ended up with, and it works well: 1. formatted the data source and did ":formatted as text, delimited by “,” - with ":number of characters > 22: formatted as text (again). Then, with the same source “truncated to 22” delimited by that same expression.


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Hi @Thimo ,

Is there any possibility to change the font?

Yes of course, you can use the font picker:

How do you handle multiple images in a single cell? I have a list of images, each of which denotes a social media platform. The images are saved under the field platform like so:

Here’s how they appear in the table:

The single entries appear just fine, but when I have one with 2 or more platforms, they’re not appearing because the https: is only added to the first entry.

Here’s my setup:

@sydney22 Your HTML it not correct for multiple images. When your image list contains multiple URLs, the URLs will be added into 1 image element like this:

<img src="https://url-1.com, //url-3.com">

This is not correct.

It should look like this:
<img src="https://url-1.com"> <img src="https://url-3.com">

Thanks, @Thimo, you beat me to it. What about cases where some of the image lists don’t use all the img tags? Should this be done with conditionals?’

Hi @sydney22

You can just use the :formatted as text operator on your list of images :slight_smile:

Like this:

This Scheduled's platform :formatted as text

And the :formatted as text can look like this:

<img src="This platform's URL">
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Thanks, @Thimo. Wouldn’t have thought to do it like that!

What’s the best strategy for displaying a placeholder image for a single cell when the cell is empty?

I can do a conditional to search for the first item of a thing and filter by the unique id = the Table’s Clicked ID when the thing is empty, but for the data source I need a list of things (I just want to have a single static image as the placeholder).

What should I do?

You could probably do a “terniary operator” like: This Scheduled’s platform is empty:formated as text. In yes set <img src="your placeholder image url">, in no <img src="This platform's URL">

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That was it! Great call, @jici!

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