[New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

Dear Thimo, thanks for the plugin, it’s great. Two quick questions.

  1. is there a way to set the column width of a column that is added with a workflow: e.g. the user adds “justification” column, it has a lot of text so I would want it to always be at least 400 px wide

  2. when letting the users add columns I have followed your page editor, basically making a list of columns the user selects and setting it to a state, after users click submit button it’s sent to url, I then have a workflow set up that on page load add/removes any columns in the table based on the url. This works perfectly the first time. However, when I reload the page, the added columns are gone, while they are still present in the url.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hey @verwerftnick! At this time it is not possible to set a specific width for (appended) columns. You can set a general column min width.

This is more of a Bubble related issue. I don’t think I have an example to add columns based on the current URL. I would advise to use the debugger in step-by-step mode so you can see what is exactly happing when you load the page with specific URL parameters being present. That way you should quickly see what goes wrong

Thanks for the quick response.
I’m getting this error on the first page load:

“The plugin Data Table / Grid / action Remove appended column a Table / grid threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘forEach’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1593724959866x956106696186921000/Data-Table-/-Grid-element_action–Table-/-grid-Remove-appended-column-.js:3:67)
at https://verwerftnick.bubbleapps.io/package/run_debug_js/41cf0cb911cb14f79995e2e79fa56208400d90cd6a129c0782505b2d624cb665/xfalse/x28/run_debug.js:591:642 (please report this to the plugin author)”

Below is a picture of the workflow, I run it on page load and first add all columns in a certain list (not in image), if that’s is completed and state is set to appended “Yes”, this is run and it removes all the columns not in the list. Interestingly enough it only gives the error with the first 5.

@verwerftnick I will send you a PM so we can look into more details

Loving the plug in, but i’m facing a bug to ORDER a Date Column but rendered at text so i can control the format output.

Here is the example:

But, if i try to order:

The dates are now messed up, ASC and DESC do not work.

What should i DO?

@Thimo Are you still working on this as a potential feature? It would be incredibly helpful to be able to set a conditional to set checked/unchecked state on load.

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@hhenske do you mean for a select all in the checkbox gutter?


No, I’d like to render the checkboxes as checked on page load, under a condition, and not checked otherwise. From what I’ve read here, I think this is not supported yet, but I’m hoping someone has made it work, or it is coming soon.

Ah I see, was trying to figure out the use case. That seems possible with some tweaking.

@tech46 The dates have to be formatted in the same way as on the demo page as otherwise they are not correctly recognized. Please take a look at the demo page. So, it should be mm/dd/yyyy, I think that should work as that is the format dates are recognized in JS in Bubble

@hhenske I just looked into it again and I managed to make it work! When you upgrade to version 2.70.0 you will see a new workflow action that allows you to select specific rows by ID. Make sure to supply ID data at the top of the plugin properties if you haven’t yet.

I also updated the demo page so you can see it in action:

Amazing! Thank you! Will give it a try!

I’m on version 2.69.2 and am not seeing an option to update. Nvm. Refreshed Bubble and there it is!!! Wohoo!

I’m formatting dd/mm/yyyy because in Brazil we use this format. Does the plugin support this?

Yes, Thimo has created the feature and it is now available in the newest version of the plugin, and he updated the plugin page with examples.

Now, I’m just trying to figure out how to specify which checkboxes should be checked.
In the example, he demonstrates checking the 1st, 4th, 6th and last items on the table.

But I need the ID of the checkbox whose item #4 (of the row, which is called “customer ID”) is in the Group customerAssignments’s User’s accessibleCustomerID list. And usually, being able to think through what I need is sufficient to come up with the expression, but I have not been able to work it out yet.

In his example, Thimo is using unique id and hard coding the item # as you pointed out. Do you have your ID data section on the table itself filled out?


Then below, I have used formatting as a ternary operator to display yes/no for hasAccess (This column will be removed once I get checkboxes to do function properly)

Instead of using the custom field customer_id, did you try it with unique id?

@Thimo Is this you or me?

@hhenske Hard to say. Are you running this workflow when the table is not yet loaded / visible on the page? If so, make sure to not do that. You can check if the table is loaded by using the ‘is loaded’ state

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