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๐Ÿ›  [New Plugin] Google Cloud Storage Utilities

Hi Bubblers !

This plugin contains a set of Google Cloud utilities to either support Google Cloud operations of our plugins, or using it as standalone.

To use these actions in conjunction with our plugins, please refer directly to the plugin instructions.

The following actions for Google Cloud Storage are provided:

  • Save File to Google Storage
  • Get File from Google Storage
  • Delete File from Google Storage

You can test out our Google Cloud Storage Utilities Plugin with the live demo.

Enjoy !
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Can I upload and download mp4 files?

Hey @wdigital36 !

Our plugin reflects the object-based storage concepts, therefore any file extensions or formats are supported.

However, some performance considerations have to be taken into account as per the plugin documentation.

In the demo version of your plugin, you output text. I have experience in connecting Wasabi and a link to the file is formed there. Not really you this text and there is a link to the file?

File upload works for me successfully. But I didnโ€™t quite figure it out with the display of this file.

The Get action outputs base64-encoded data in order to process the content by a workflow without user interaction/front-end components, or to feed directly for instance audio data to an audio player.

The Save action outputs the URN, which you can then use as a web link for your users or to download the file or any front-end element supporting links, provided that your Google Storage Bucket is set with the required permissions.

Feel free to subscribe to the plugin to give it a test run, remember that subscriptions are prorated temporis, so using it for a few days would cost you a few cents.

thanks, we already bought your plugin.
Do I understand correctly that the link will be like this:

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Thatโ€™s correct.
Following your question, we have updated the demo, demonstrating how to reconstruct the URL with the URN after upload and amended the documentation.