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New Plugin - Html5 Video, Youtube, Vimeo, Audio Player

Do you mean this “Controls” property? It was by default “yes”.

Can you send me the link to the video?

I didn’t choose a specific video, just random videos.


Can you check out these pages?

Thank you very much.

I recheck your demo and every each properties. I imitate the same settings. The only different thing is “autoplay” feature. In your demo, it is “any”. As I mentioned before, when it is set to “false” ( not autoplay), it is not working for youtube videos.

And I also realize when the control property is set to “no”, it doesn’t effect the vimeo video player.


You are right.
We were unable to control the visibility of the control bar of the vimeo player.
I will update the documentation.

I am not sure what issue you are facing with the youtube player. Can you please tell me more about that?


What I’m facing, media player can’t play youtube videos if it is not set to autoplay. I can’t see the controls on the player.

please set ‘autoplay’ to true or any in order to play it.
Please set ‘controls’ to true to see the controls


If I don’t what the video starts with page load, is there a solution?

Please read about the auto play policy in the modern browsers such as chrome and safari.


Excellent plugin, I have tried several player plugin and this is the most complete in functionality that I have found.

I am in a process of changing my web app to use this new plugin and the use I am giving it is to watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo and soon from my repository in AWS S3.

At the moment the only problem I have is that the youtube videos that are “” does not show them and gives an error.

Attached is the screenshot of the configuration and the error message.

I appreciate your support in this regard.
Captura de Pantalla 2022-09-30 a la(s) 2.45.27 p. m.

I have just a new pattern for that. please make sure you upgrade to the newer version.


I see what you mean by that, I am fixing the issue.


Please make sure you upgrade the plugin to 1.6.6.

Thank you

@univgalaxy1112 , excellent. It worked very well with version 1.6.6.

Thanks for your quick response.

Hi @univgalaxy1112

I have continued to migrate my current video player plugin, with generally very good results.

I have found a not correct behavior when the source of the videos is Vimeo.

Test environment:

a. I am testing on a MAC with Chrome browser.
b. Scenario 1 is with a page that selects the video source (Video URL) based on a page parameter stopped through the Url (Get from page URL).
The video should be displayed immediately upon completion of loading the page.
c. Scenario 2 is with a page that has an input field where I put the source of the video (Video URL). The video should be displayed when the value of the input field changes.
d. I have tested with Youtube video sources (including video shorts) and Vimeo videos.

Test results.

Scenario 1.

With Vimeo Videos, the result is inconsistent and not as expected.

The Media Player is configured for Autoplayer, Audio Muted, Aspect Ratio based on the selected video, no display Controls (see attached image).

The result obtained is that:

Issue 1 - The video does not start automatically (Autoplay). Even though in some circumstances in the tests the video has started automatically. It is inconsistent.

I have the impression that it has worked when I have previously used a YouTube video that works fine. As if some condition of the previous execution stays and helps if the autoplay on Vimeo video works.

Issue 2 - The controls are displayed even though it is configured not to display them.
I have observed that they are shown when the size (width / height) is large and not shown when it is small. For example with Min Width of 180px and an aspect ratio of 9:16 and 16:9 is not shown. But it is displayed with the same aspect ratio and a Min Width of 360px.

In scenario 1, youtube videos work fine.

Scenario 2.

With Vimeo videos, the result is inconsistent and not as expected.

Even when configured to display the video with the audio muted, the audio is not muted.

The controls are displayed. The operation is similar to scenario 1.

In scenario 2 the youtube videos work fine.

I appreciate your support to solve what happens with Vimeo videos.

Thank you for your feedback, Luis

I have a few questions for you with regarding of the issues you reported.

  1. what kind of inconsistency did you find in the plugin?
  2. what properties did you set to make the player muted?

Also please note that modern browsers set the auto play policy that lets videos play only after the user’s first interactions with the browser.

Thank you.

The main topics we have are:

  1. Vimeo videos does not work the autoplay, using the same media player with the same settings in the same browser youtube videos if the autoplay works.

  2. Vimeo videos do not hide the controls, even when the media player has been configured to hide them. The same media player with the youtube videos do hide the media player controls.

It would be great if you could provide us videos for the issues.

Thank you

I attach a video of what happens.

If you observe in the URL there is a parameter s=y to show a YouTube video, s=yv to show a youtube video in vertical format (shorts) and s=v to show a Vimeo video.

The youtube videos the autoplay works and hiding the Control works as well.

Vimeo videos do not work autoplay and hide control.

I attach images of the configuration.

I appreciate your comments. Thank you.