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New Plugin - Html5 Video, Youtube, Vimeo, Audio Player

hi univgalaxy1112

I would like to know if this plugin prevents users from downloading videos using browser extensions.
The copywriting is very relevant for my client in that we need to keep in the side without downloading.

Hi, @tkamal it doesn’t prevent users from downloading the videos if the video is downloadable.
One possible way is to use HLS in order to make it difficult to download the entire video.
But the most secure way is DRM.


Do you select to migrate away from Bubble because the performance or limitation in bubble ?

No, we are still able to implement it within bubble, but not able to do it with this plugin at the moment.



Is it possible to remove all the controls and replace them with mine? Meaning, I want to be able to place for example a play button at a different place in the page and have it play the video, is this possible?


Sure, you can design your own controllers and place them on top of the player UI.

  1. use the control property to disable the player’s controller.
  2. build your own controller ui by using bubble, then hook up the necessary actions in them

These are the simple steps you can take.


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Thanks for your fast reply.

One last question. Let’s say, I have a page with 100vh height and with a hidden y-scroll. Is it possible to make the player take 90vh (a bit like in the in the image below) of the page with extra CSS or it would be affected?

@Licorice I am not sure I understand your question.
Could you elaborate on it, please?


So let’s say I have a page exactly like in the a picture, you can’t scroll the page. Is it possible to make the player’s height 90vh of the page?

Yea, you can apply custom css for the top container of the player.

I can not provide any specific css because it depends on your specific setup.
But I believe it’s absolutely possible.


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Alright, thanks for your help @univgalaxy1112

Hey everyone, I have this HUGE problem with the plugin… The plugin works perfectly, but then I connect my custom domain via DNS and it just stops working. On full screen, there is the text that says “product not registered” & on a page the player just looks like a black box.

Has anybody experienced this before or has a solution?

Hi, the issue is fixed. please upgrade the plugin to the latest version.



Hi, @DanielShakibaie
Please upgrade your plugin to the latest version.


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Thank you so very much. Absolutely amazing support by @univgalaxy1112

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Thanks @univgalaxy1112, much appreciated!

@univgalaxy1112 Hi! Hate to be that guy, but I found one more bug I wanted to make sure you’re aware of. :slightly_smiling_face: The “Playback Speed” option is broken. No matter whether it’s set to “yes” or “no”, the playback speed UI element is always visible when the plugin gets rendered on the page.

Thanks for reporting this.

We will fix it in the next version.


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No problem!

Hi, thanks for creating this flexible plug in. I have an issue with video background color. I am trying to set the background color to white from the default black color. But I don’t see an option to do that. Some of my static pictures are png with transparent backgrounds. My page’s background is white. If the background of the video box is black, it would look odd. I can seem to find that option. Please help.