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[New Plugin] Integrate Mailerlite

Hey folks,

as most of the european-based companies can’t use mailchimp due to GDPR requirements, a prominent alternative is mailerlite. I’m using this myself and I was looking for a tutorial / plug-in to integrate it in my bubble application.

I wasn’t very lucky, so I created my very first plug-in (yeah ;:)) myself.

Now you can show subscribers, groups from mailerlite in your application. The most common used feature however is that you can add subscribers from your application to mailerlite without any additional 3rd party service.

Here you can find the plug-in page: Mailerlite Plugin | Bubble

Here, you can find some instructions: How to integrate mailerlite into your application - Biberei

This is the very first try, if you have feedback please tell me so that I can improve :wink:

Many greetings from Germany.



Hi @Sarah_Biberei can we use your plugin to send "Confirm you email " emails ?

No, this is nothing mailerlite offers.