[New plugin] International phone input

Hello Bubblers,

We’ve published the free “International phone input” plugin, a fully featured customizable input for phone validation and formatting


  • Phone formatting
  • Phone validation
  • Country auto-detection
  • Customizable appearance


Plugin: International phone input Plugin | Bubble
Demo: International phone input

Happy Bubbling!



WoW! Really nice and FREE plugin.

Thanks AirDev :slight_smile:

One quick question:

Can we change the length of the dropdown values window?

It takes a lot of space, plus as you can see even with long Countries it is still quite big window. Not complaining here, maybe some CSS will do the trick but wanted to ask you first if there is an option from plugin itself w/o many workarounds.

Again, thanks for your work :pray:

Amazing. This has been an annoying area. The ZQ plugin is good too. But nothing beats ‘free’ :slight_smile:



Would be totally cool if the background was not transparent. I have a couple of these elements in a form. Z index seems to be an issue too but I haven’t looked at that.


Please, try adding the inputs in order in the editor, from top to bottom. It should work. Thanks!

@AirDev is there a way to limit the number of digits that can be entered? For example, in a US number I can type 12345678901234567890 when a US phone number is limited to 10 digits.

Hello @ralphlasry ,

Currently the plugin only flags the input as an error when it’s not formatted correctly but doesn’t limit the character.

Airdev has informed me that they will take note of this. Having said this, it will likely be confronted with other priorities since at the moment there are no immediate plans to push this expanded functionality for this input yet.

PD: I have the privilege of answering support questions for Airdev :slight_smile:

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Carlos, there is something really strange that is happening now and did not happen before: the visualization of a telephone field, whose entrance was made through the same field, is not shown correctly.
Sometimes a default number is shown (0123456, which is not possible to change), as if the field was empty; when inspecting the field in debug mode, the “International Phone Number” value is empty, although the “default value” does show the value of the field.
Other times what happens is even worse: the “International Phone Number” of the previous number is visualized, not current one.
It seems that there is a problem with the initialization of the “International Phone Number” that I can’t fix by making a “reset” before the “display”.

Hello @arturo.genova

You can submit a support ticket with all details of the problem here

Hi there,

cool plugin,
I have a few issues :

1. Is there a way to change the placeholder value ?
I’m selecting the french numbers, and I want to display a landline ‘01’ and not a mobile number ‘06’.
I haven’t found the option to do so.

2. Is there a way to go above 10px radius ?
In my design, I’ve got input radius of 20px. The limitation of this phone input makes it odd in my app design :confused:

3. Change the font of the phone number
The font seems to be the horrible time new romans, when I’m using a sans-serif font (Poppins) in my app design.
Is there a way to change it ?

Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 12.31.46 PM

The dropdown cant be viewed in popups as it goes behind the popup.
I tried bring the element to fromt or the whole popup to front still the country code dropdown is not visible in popup.

Hello I am experienting a weird behavior that I can not explain.
The input does not display a phone number as expected. Please find here a screenshot of the config, and the debugger that shows that a number should be displayed.


Any help ? what am I missing?
Thanks a lot

Looks great and the international codes work great.

Issue is with saving input. As soon as the input of the international phone number is saved, it disappears for some reason.

Hi, just discovered the plugin.

Seems great! but the dropdown is not visible in both 1.1.1 and 1.1.0 versions.
Could it be possible for you to take a look? Probably some silly mistake or update thing.

Thank you in advance (I’ve not seen any specific plugin bug report page in https://build.airdev.co/support.) @cmarchan @AirDev


I have been struggling with setting up the default value with data coming from the database (previously saved as an international phone number with the plugin).

Basically, it doesn’t work (the default value is not set to the phone number) if I use dynamic data as default value, but it works if I type the exact same phone number as static data instead. See screenshots below.

Can anyone help me out @plugins ?


Hi @valentin_g ,

Did you find a solution to this problem ?


@Dimo no, and no answers from @AirDev / @plugins