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Hi all,

We’ve just published a new free plugin called isMobile. You place the element on a page and it returns boolean (yes/no) values indicating if the page user is on a specific device type. For example, you could check if the user is on a tablet, an Apple device, or any mobile device.

Here’s a basic demo: run-mode / editor

(open the run-mode link on a mobile device to see the plugin in action)

Please email any bugs or questions to david@airdev.co!

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Hi, @david2. I am trying to use your fantastic plugin, and there is a small detail I can’t grasp. The plugin returns yes/no for “Any plugin device”, which means, that if it doesn’t identify any of such devices, it should return “no”. So, it should “no” when on a desktop, since it’s not any of the devices. However, it doesn’t do so. Or is not not even running on desktop at all?

Just to be clear why I am asking. I am trying to use the plugin to either start a mobile-sharing feature (also great plugin, thanks a lot) OR open a popup with desktop sharing features. The problem is, that while the plugin return NO, it doesn’t open the popup.

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Hello, it seems that “Any device” means “any mobile device”, or any tablet, phone, or device running on Android/iOS, Blackberries, or other niche mobile devices.

It doesn’t give any information about desktop devices, as mentioned in the plugin description: “*Does not recognize desktop or laptop computers”.

If a user has a tablet with windows 10 installed, I’m not sure how it will work, and don’t have a device to test on. Check out the GitHub project for the library we used if you have more specific questions about the functionality. https://github.com/kaimallea/isMobile


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Thanks @andersan Wouldn’t it be logical to assume, that if plugin doesn’t recognise any of the devices that it can recognise, then the platform is desktop? It would expand the usage dramatically.

That seems like an accurate assumption for almost any use case. Maybe the library’s creator considers desktops and laptops to be different classes of devices, but they don’t include any “is desktop” check.

Thanks. This may sounds like a suggestion, but I’d like to ask if you may want to implement this feature? I mean, it’s already there (sort of), it returns a “no”, but for some reason doesn’t let trigger another function.

Just to be sure I didn’t miss anything and it’s not already there, here is what I am asking about — I want to open a popup with desktop sharing features when the plugin returns “no” (meaning, it didn’t recognise and of known platforms, which happens when page open on desktop). Currently it doesn’t do it.

(Thanks for replying to my messages and paying attention)

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Hey Ry,

I’m not sure what the issue you’re running into here is.

If you run the action step-by-step using the Bubble debugger, what is the value of “isMobile A’s Any device” when you try to run it? It should be “no”, but maybe if it is “(empty)” then this workflow won’t be triggered. If it starts to run your custom workflow or that condition is green in the debugger, it means that the plugin is correctly identifying that you’re using a non-mobile device.


This is not working for me with the following error in the console:

Thanks for the bug report.

What device and browser is this on?

On a windows computer this bug does not appear on chrome or IE11. On an android phone, the plugin seems to be working as well on the page I’m testing on.

Could you share a test page where we could reproduce this?