[New Plugin] JSON Machine Pro

Hey @jon2 thanks for answering those questions.

Are you planning to add how to read DB-stored JSON data to the demo in the near future? I can see that you have described some steps on the plugin page but it’s not enough detail for me to follow (visual learner). I want to use this and have a lot of uses for it but I’m struggling to implement. If a demo update is in the works I’d be better-off working on other parts of my app and coming back to implementing JSON machine in a couple weeks.

Also, can you access stored JSON data dynamically inside of a repeating group? If you can’t that does cut down the number of applications I have for the plugin.

Edit: For example, I learned in your comment here that I need a “read element directly in the RG row”. However, this element isn’t used in the demo (unless i’m blind) so I’m not sure how/when to fill in and draw upon these fields.


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