[New Plugin] Listopia - Your Utopia for Mastering Lists in Bubble ( 🚀 Tutorial)


Listopia’s Keeper:

Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient List Management. Keeper has come to rescue you.

Each Keeper is tailored to a distinct data type, be it a basic type, an option set, or a custom data.

Here’s a detailed overview of the main Actions of Keeper:

  • List A: [ item1, item2, item8, item4, item5]
  • List B: [ item3, item6, item7, item1, item2]

1. List-List Operations: Compare two lists based on the operation of your choice.

  • Difference: Detects items present in the first list, but not in the second.
    E.g., Difference of List A and List B yields [item8, item4, item5].

  • Union: Combines unique items from both lists.
    E.g., Union of List A and List B yields [item1, item2, item8, item4, item5, item3, item6, item7].

  • Intersection: Identifies common items in both lists.
    E.g., Intersection of List A and List B yields [item1, item2].

  • Superset: Checks if the first list encompasses the second.
    E.g., Checking Superset for List A against List B yields False.

  • Subset: Verifies if the first list is entirely contained within the second.
    E.g., Checking Subset for List A against List B yields False.

  • Disjoint: Examines if two lists have no common items.
    E.g., Checking Disjoint for List A and List B yields False.

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2. Add/Remove Items: Conveniently add or remove single/multiple items at a specified index.

  • Add
    Example: Inserting item7 into List A at index 3 results in [item1, item2, item7, item8, item4, item5].
  • Remove
    Example: Removing item1 from List A yields [item2, item8, item4, item5].
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3. Replace/Swap Items: Seamlessly replace or reorder items within a list.

  • Replace
    Example: Replacing item1 in List A with item9 results in [item9, item2, item8, item4, item5].

  • Swap
    Example: Swapping item3 and item7 in List B results in [item7, item6, item3, item1, item2].

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4. Sub List: Manipulate and retrieve specific parts of a list, with the option to shuffle and reverse.

  • Shuffle
    Example: Shuffling List A might result in [item4, item2, item1, item5, item8].

  • Reverse
    Example: Reversing List A yields [item5, item4, item8, item2, item1].

  • Custom index: Specify indexes,
    e.g., retrieving indexes [2, 4] from List B yields [item6, item1].

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5. Index Finder: Find the index(es) of item(s) within a list.

  • Single
    Example: Searching for the index of item2 in List A outputs 2.

  • Multiple
    Example: Searching for indexes of item3 and item7 in List B outputs [1, 3].

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6. Build Nested List: Transform one or more lists into nested lists with different methods.

  • Chop: Divide a list into desired intervals,
    e.g., if List A is divided into 2-item intervals, the result is [[item1, item2], [item8, item4], [item5]].

  • Pair: Create pairs from adjacent items,
    e.g., pairing List A yields [[item1, item2], [item2, item8], [item8, item4], [item4, item5]].

  • Zip: Merge two lists item by item,
    e.g., zipping List A and List B yields [[item1, item3], [item2, item6], [item8, item7], [item4, item1], [item5, item2]].

  • Cross: Generate all possible pairs between two lists,
    e.g., crossing List A and List B yields a list starting with [[item1, item3], [item1, item6], [item1, item7], [item1, item1], [item1, item2] …].

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Armed with Keeper by Listopia, efficient list management and data manipulation are at your fingertips. Unleash your data’s potential today!