[New Plugin] Listopia - Your Utopia for Mastering Lists in Bubble ( πŸš€ Tutorial)


Listopia’s Chronos:

Your All-In-One Date Management Tool

Welcome Chronos, designed to simplify and streamline your date management tasks. From building custom date ranges to modifying date range lists and finding the closest dates, Chronos caters to all your date-related requirements.

Let’s explore the key features and functions of this element.

1. Build Date Range: Seamlessly create date ranges tailored to your needs.

  • Start - End: Generate date ranges using two lists of start and end dates.
    E.g., With start dates = [β€œ2023-01-08”, β€œ2023-03-15”] and end dates = [β€œ2023-04-01”, β€œ2023-05-05”], the output is [[β€œ2023-01-08”, β€œ2023-04-01”], [β€œ2023-03-15”, β€œ2023-05-05”]].

  • Date List - Interval: Build ranges from a list of dates with a specified interval.
    E.g., With dates = [β€œ2023-01-08”, β€œ2023-03-15”] and interval = 30 days, the output is [[β€œ2023-01-08”, β€œ2023-02-07”], [β€œ2023-03-15”, β€œ2023-04-14”]].

  • Date List - Date Point: Create ranges between each date in a list and a specific date point.
    E.g., With dates = [β€œ2023-04-01”, β€œ2023-05-05”] and date point = β€œ2023-05-20”, the output is [[β€œ2023-04-01”, β€œ2023-05-20”], [β€œ2023-05-05”, β€œ2023-05-20”]].

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2. Convert to Date: Easily convert Text to Date-Time.

  • Custom: Convert dates from a custom format.
    E.g., β€œ2023-05-24” in β€œDD/MM/YYYY” format becomes β€œ24/05/2023”.

  • ISO: Convert dates from the ISO 8601 format.
    E.g., β€œ2023-05-24T00:00:00Z” in ISO format is β€œ2023-05-24”.

  • JSON: Convert dates from a JSON.
    E.g., {β€œyear”: 2023, β€œmonth”: 5, β€œday”: 24} in JSON format is β€œ2023-05-24”.

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3. Modify a Date Range List: Gain granular control over date range lists.

  • Simplify: Merge overlapping or adjacent date ranges.
    E.g., Simplifying [[β€œ2023-01-11”, β€œ2023-03-15”], [β€œ2023-02-28”, β€œ2023-04-28”], [β€œ2023-05-14”, β€œ2023-05-28”]] results in [[β€œ2023-01-11”, β€œ2023-04-28”], [β€œ2023-05-14”, β€œ2023-05-28”]].

  • Get Overlaps: Extract overlapping date ranges.
    E.g., Overlaps in [[β€œ2023-01-11”, β€œ2023-03-15”], [β€œ2023-02-28”, β€œ2023-04-28”], [β€œ2023-05-14”, β€œ2023-05-28”]] are [[β€œ2023-02-28”, β€œ2023-03-15”]].

  • Invert: Generate ranges representing the gaps between existing date ranges.
    E.g., Inverting [[β€œ2023-01-11”, β€œ2023-03-15”], [β€œ2023-02-28”, β€œ2023-04-28”], [β€œ2023-05-14”, β€œ2023-05-28”]] gives [[β€œ2023-03-15”, β€œ2023-02-28”], [β€œ2023-04-28”, β€œ2023-05-14”]].

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4. Find Close Date(s) in a List: Discover the date(s) nearest to a reference date within a date list.

  • E.g., For the date β€œ2023-05-20” and date list = [β€œ2023-04-01”, β€œ2023-05-05”, β€œ2023-06-15”], the closest date is β€œ2023-05-05”.
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Experience Chronos, the time master of Bubbl.

Enjoy precise date management like never before.

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