🌱 [New Plugin] Liveness & Biometrics Check

Hi Bubblers !

With this plugin, you can secure your business model by verifying whether your users are real or spoofed, using a camera livestream to check the liveness :seedling:. Our technology uses biometrics and Artificial Intelligence.

You can verify as well the camera livestream against a reference picture, such as a Government ID photograph for example, therefore authenticating your users against this reference, being therefore an alternative to Onfido or Twilio for user verification.

For thorough checking, you can use in addition our 🆔 ᴺᴱᵂ ᴾᴸᵁᴳᴵᴺ ID Document Detector plugin to ensure the image submitted by your user is an ID before running the Liveness & Biometrics Check.

This plugin provides a visual “Camera for Liveness Check” UI element, and a workflow action to check the liveness.

The “Liveness” output is a boolean, true for liveness check pass, false for failure.

You can test out our Liveness & Biometrics Check Plugin with the live demo.

Enjoy !
Made with :black_heart: by wise:able
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Hi redvivi,

I´m subscribed in your plugin liveness & Biometrics Check for using in my app.
I have issue to make plugin works.
I configured workflow like in your demo live, but in verifications with reference picture and without reference picture, result is the same, always negative.
Please, i need help to make this plugin works.

Dear @breno,

Thanks for your message and your interest in our plugin.

It is probable that the threshold parameters are set too high (i.e. too strict) for your use-case.

We would recommend you to gradually lower the Liveness Threshold parameter first without a reference picture until the Liveness Check passes, which determine the best value that would suit your use-case.

Once the Liveness Threshold parameter set to your use-case, use the reference picture and repeat the first step but this time fine-tuning the Similarity Threshold, that compares the reference picture with the Liveness Check process.

Let us know if it helps.

If this does not suffice, please reach us directly via DM, we will have a look together at your specific implementation.