[New Plugin] low cost payment method plugin

We just built a Bubble Mentium plugin for developers. Please try out us for free.

Mentium – which is a low cost payment system powered by open banking.

About us:

Mentium is faster, secure, and low-cost payment system. Seriously, the cheapest transaction fees ever.

We help you to save up to 80% on transaction fees. Real time payment is coming soon.

A new payment method enabling your customers a pay directly using their bank faster and more securely.

We’re complimentary to your current payment method.


  • Next generation user experience with biometric authentication (coming soon) - Put your sales on autopilot. Boost sales and conversion, and reduce churn rate by providing seamless customer checkout.
  • Lower fraud and zero chargebacks. - Mentiums fraud detection is guaranteed to keep you covered with 100% chargeback protection.
  • Low Fees - No more complicated legacy networks, no more high fees. With Mentium, accepting payments is easy, secure, and most importantly, profitable.


Demo: https://mentium-plugin.bubbleapps.io/version-test

Editor demo: mentium-plugin | Bubble Editor

Market page for testing: Mentium Pay [SANDBOX] Plugin | Bubble

Market page for production: Mentium Pay Plugin | Bubble

Please note we created 2 plugins. One for testing and one for production.

Nice. We will try it out.

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Thank you, please let us knw if you have any questions or comments

Hi thank you for sharing

Which countries this Plugin support?

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Currently we support US only. Next year we will include Europe and Latin America.

This is interesting, but why did you separate the plugins? (Rhetorical question.) Bubble won’t play nice with this. You’ll want to incorporate test and production/live keys into a single plugin. (Note that you can detect which version is running in your code.) Welcome to Bubble though.

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Hi Keith, thanks for the feedback! The reason we did that is because bubble dosen’t let you use a dev API base URL like you can have a dev key. But we will consider merging the two plugins