[NEW PLUGIN] Magic Menu + Dropdown + Mega Nav (Unlimited Nested Menus and Dropdowns using Bubble Groups)

Hi Everyone!

I just released a new plugin, β€˜Magic Menu + Dropdown + Mega Nav’, which allows you to quickly and easily build complex menu and dropdown structures using only bubble elements. This plugin has tons of awesome use cases some of which you can check out in the demo!

:link: Live Demo + Documentation
:link: Demo Editor
:link: Demo Editor (Color Coded Reusable)
:link: Plugin Page


Plugin Description

Welcome to the the the most powerful, versatile, and developer friendly navigation and dropdown plugin. With Menu Magic you can construct complex menus and dropdowns using native bubble elements, NO limitations. This allows you unlimited freedom for customizations and unique, custom, behavior.

Menu Magic is the ONLY menu / dropdown plugin you will need. Additionally, this lightweight plugin delivers all this with a file size of only 2.2kb.


:white_check_mark: Unlimited Nesting
:white_check_mark: No Focus Groups
:white_check_mark: Native Bubble Elements & Workflows
:white_check_mark: Complete Design Freedom

Please reach out with any feature requests or questions!

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