NEW PLUGIN - Mailmate

Send an unlimited amount of emails from your own gmail or google domain. There is no pay-as-you-go scheme just a fixed $5.00 usd per month.

Mailmate Intro Page

An email can be completely formatted with bbcode or html.

Use the same action to send from any of your alias accounts.

You can fully customize your emails with the provided Expert Mode and design your emails in real-time at Thirdsoft Email Template Generator

There are also free resources you can find to design emails Here, just copy the html code from a free template.


Updated to be able to use outlook and yahoo, as well as gmail.

Setup aliases and use them on the fly in different workflows.

Send unlimited emails. Get api key at

Cancel sendgrid Here

Cancel postmark Here

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Send confirmation emails from your own domain.

Can I send from a work domain?

Yes. Who did you buy your domain through?

And unlike any other service, especially sendgrid, you can change which email you’re sending from (Alias) from different parts of your app. Act as support, customer service, do not reply and send confirmation emails from your own domains.