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NEW PLUGIN - MDUI Dev Kit rev. 2.4.X

Material Design User Interface Development Kit

This is a mostly complete collection of UI components inspired by Google Material Design. They are perfect to create Material Design user interfaces, especially forms, in less time.

The mission is to improve functionalities of Bubble elements while improving beauty and adaptation to mobile design standards.

  • if you don’t want to loss time in project and design UI components;
  • if you want a ready to use UI elements rich of useful features;
  • if you want to use the beauty of material design without write a line of code and without loss time;
  • if you want to reduce the size of your application;
  • if you want a development kit of components ready to be loaded in mobile device;

You can try my plugin that I use for my application.

Try it:

More elements and relative documents developing in progress. Stay tuned !

What’s new in release 2.4.X

  • A complete restructuring of code to improve stability and usability
  • Improved mobile optimization
  • New components for Date Picker and Select Menu
  • Improved auto-binding in every components
  • Tons of your requests implemented
  • Many bugs resolved


ATTENTION: Don’t be afraid to ask me for help.

Plugin page:

Enjoy it.

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Released version 2.3.0

Added new content type for Text field component and improved adaptation to Android and iOS mobile systems.


Absolutely perfect. Works like a charm on iOS. Now a numeric field can be easily entered with a decimal place.


Out release 2.3.5

Try new date picker !

hi is it possible to allow for number fields in the select element instead of just text?

You must add numbers in “Values” option.
Schermata 2020-03-22 alle 10.07.59

Initially they are managed like text, but in Workflow you can select “:converted to number” function.
Schermata 2020-03-22 alle 10.10.23

Bye !

Loving the plugin so far, but I am having an issue with the text fields disappearing in preview. They seem as though they are collapsing their height and hiding. Any ideas?


Hi Katie,
Is “preview” the editor ?!
I need you send me a screenshot of issue in action.
I’ll be happy to help you as soon as possible.

I appreciate the support and prompt response! @studio.purracchio

Here are 2 screenshots: one in the editor where it appears, but then when I click “preview” to test it, the fields disappear.

Thank you!

You would tell me how component is nested.
I must to replicate the conditions of issue to find some solution.

I’ve tried some tentatives but it works every time.

…and then, components are in ??? …a Group, nested in a Repeating Group nested in a Popoup …etc. …or will showed in some conditions…help me to understand. Tnx.


They are nested in a popup. i have another popup where the same thing is happening. I tested the field on my page and that seems to be working fine. I also have another popup where the fields are “disabled” and those are showing up. I have tried many different parameter changes to the field and nothing seems to make it appear. It is visible on page load… no conditions on visibility.

Here are some more visuals of the components:

Any ideas?

Now, in Italy, is 02:00am. I’m going to sleep. I’ll working on tomorrow. See ya.

Okay, looking forward to it! Thanks. @studio.purracchio

As you can see below…

I can’t replicate your issue conditions.

Well, or it’s a temporary issue, or you don’t updated at last release of my plugin, or I need more details of design and workflow you used in your project.

OK, If you really want to solve it, you can crate a new app in view mode only where I can view editor and in there, paste only a “copy with workflows” of Popup of your main app.

See you.


It’s very odd because sometimes it will work and other times it will disappear. It might be a big because I’m noticing my “reset data” in the workflow is not working properly. I’ve tried recreating into a group instead of a popup and setting states to show / hide the groups. So now the fields will show the first time they were opened. But the second time they were opened, it will be hidden and when I inspect, the fields still contain old data. I also noticed an error/ bug during one of my tests, so that could be the issue. I’ll report it to bubble and see what comes of it. For now, if I “refresh the page” after each workflow it seems to work okay. Not ideal obviously but okay temporarily.


I’ve been looking into this issue more, and I’m wondering if it might be a bug with the field inputs themselves. When I use Bubble’s native input, they are resetting just fine and there are no issues. But the mdui fields are still showing old data even after running the workflow “reset data in group.”

My only workaround, is if I refresh the page, the fields will then reset.

I really like how your plugin elements look and interact, but I’m worried about the issues I’ve started having since replacing bubble native inputs with the mdui fields. My app involves payments and payouts and I really don’t want the incorrect data being charged or paid. Any ideas here?

Dear Katie,
I confirm there was a logic error about “Initial content” manage. Now you can correct it update plugin to last version: 2.7.3. After plugin update, refresh editor and refresh preview.

During my benchmark and debug I don’t seen component disappeared ever. I could make some tentative to understand why that happens to you but I can’t with imagination only.

Your valuation is very appreciated and helps me to improve and correct my plugin.

Try and let’s me know.

The fields are now resetting! Thank you for looking into and solving this.

@studio.purracchio would this new update have affected the password/show password function? It was working fine, but now when I click the trailing icon the input resets instead of displaying the content.

Thank you in advance!!

Hi Katie,
when you need to use fields unlinked with data by initial content you can set “Initial content” with the same field value.

Schermata 2020-06-03 alle 10.43.38

Yes, it’s a workaround ! But it works. Try it and let me know. Please. Bye.