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[New plugin] Modern Rich Text Editor (Editor.js)

The plugin uses the default file storage API Bubble provides in the Plugin Editor. Implementing compressing in between will be a difficult task, I can’t promise that it will be possible to implement. I will look into it though. How many images are you expecting to host?

You can use the display data or insert data workflow actions to display text in the editor, maybe that helps? You can also ask the AI output the JSON the plugin needs to render and use that as initial data. Hopefully that somewhat helps!

hi @Thimo or anyone else that is familiar with this plug-in (or just more technical than I am)

I love this plug-in. There is just one thing I would need to make this work for my use case.
I would like the text (i.e. in read-only mode) to be able to interact with the page/bubble via workflow.
More specifically, I would like to add a video and the user should be able to jump to a specific timestamp in the video when clicking certain words/links. Think a transcript to a video where certain words will take the user to the right part of the video.

How would I go about this? What would be the best way?

Hi @Thimo I have just purchased it and it is really cool. However, is there a way to customize the font color and the text in general (like the background color of the inline code for instance? Is there also a way to resize the images? I would indeed love to add icons but I cannot find a way to do this… Finally, I think I have seen a drag and drop feature in editor.js, will it be possible with you plugin too? Thanks!

Yes, you can edit text properties like font size or color using the default text options:

The background of the inline code is mapped to one of the following properties:

When you add your color palette the plugin will look native to your app.

It is not yet possible to resize images. I really want to have image resizing like Notion, but it does not seem like it is supported by the library yet. Maybe I can think of something custom, so I will put it on my list!

As I am using one of the latest versions of the editor.js library, the drag and drop feature made by a contributor does not seem to work yet. If it works I will implement it! :slight_smile:

@Thimo such a great plugin!
The quill editor is just a mess and I’m glad you have developed this text editor plugin :slight_smile:

I have some feature ideas that would be valuable:

  • I’d love to have a feature to search and add emoji - that is quite common for text editors.
  • A toggle feature, similar to Notion
  • A killer feature would be “embed” to add files and integrate external tools (e.g. Figma etc).

I am looking forward to your upcoming releases!

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Hello Thimo, I cannot manage to really customize both the font color and the font background color. For instance for the inline code, I would love to change the color from red to green for both the font and the font background color (now red on light red). Would it be possible somehow?

Yes, at this time the plugin does not yet expose the option to change the colors for the inline code option. It does not really make sense why that is not there though, I think I forgot to add it. I just pushed an update (1.68.0) that should add that customizability!

Hopefully this helps!

Brilliant! I like the look of it so I am using the inline code as callouts, but the red original color means “warning”, which I wanted to change. Many thanks!

I have just updated and added a new Rich Text group and those new customization does not appear under Styling.

@Guillaume.b Could you double check the version you are using? Sometimes you need to refresh the editor a couple times to see the new version. The latest version is 1.68.0

The nicest Rich Text editor! Thanks for building this…. It is so great I now have to go back and replace the old rich text elements I using with this one.

Does anyone know any apis or anything that would convert html to json? I have existing html that i guess needs converting.


Working! GREAT. thanks so much!