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[New plugin] Modern Rich Text Editor (Editor.js)

Would it be possible to build an action to replace the selected text?
Also, would it be possible for it to hold the selection when clicking outside the editor?

I’m trying to write a grammar/rewriter app using the Modern Rich Text Editor

Hi @aestela Thank you for reporting! I am unfortunately not able to reproduce this bug:

Would it be possible to send me a PM with a reproducable example? If you could send me a public editor link that would be also very helpful! :slight_smile:

These 2 options are right now not supported by the plugin. For your second points, maybe you could save the selected value to a state for example to save it even when the text is not selected anymore. I will put these features on my list though! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to use the editor to set multiple fonts? E.g. it is very common for headers to be a different font than paragraphs.

@brenton.strine The plugin does not support multiple fonts families within the editor, but you can edit the font weight + font size of the different heading types:

Is that maybe what you are looking for? :slight_smile:

Bummer. Our headings. Are a different font family.

Kindly mention that the image caption is actually image alt when exported as HTML.

REF: SEO settings that bubble has available for you.

Hi Thimo,

Thanks for the plugin, amazing work :fire:

I enabled auto-binding and JSON is well saved into the right datafield.

Now, I’d like to save the HTML version into another datafield (when auto save is done) in order to display the HTML on another page. How should I do that?

Thank you for you help!

There is a ‘value is changed’ workflow event for the editor. You can use that event to trigger a workflow to save the HTML. Does that help? :slight_smile:

Yes it helped, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo ,

Your plugin is Amazing! I wanna use in my app… So, I have a question 'cause I not see anyone saying about this…

With this app I can make a MS word Style os visualization? White Paper, passing through pages like a MS Word…

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Thimo , looks like you’ve got a great plugin here. We’re considering switching to this plugin from the vanilla Rich Text plugin, but I am wondering how open you are to bundling some Editor js plugins? We’re specifically interested in and ?

Please let me know if this is close to shipping! We plan on using the HTML output and it must include embeds.

Not sure if I completely understand, but this plugin will just provide a rich text editor. A MS Word like UI is not something the plugin comes with, but you can built that in Bubble right? :slight_smile:

It is not implemented yet. To implement this, I need to make a custom HTML parser for that block. Therefore I can’t give you an ETA for this right now.

I am open to adding more editor.js plugins to the plugin, but they need to be of high quality and need to be able to work together with all the other installed editor.js plugins. The column plugin seems to be still in beta and has some open issues. Therefore I will be waiting on installing that one. The drag and drop plugin seems to be maintained, so I will put it on my list so see if I can implement it! :slight_smile:

Hi @Thimo,

Love the plugin & appreciate your work here. I’m having an issue where the RTE is so tall that it extends beyond the group it’s contained in, on the y-axis. Is it possible to make the height of the group that contains the RTE to adjust based on the amount of content?

Thank you,

Yes, the plugin will automatically stretch to fit its content. Male sure to not use a fixed height:

The editor on the demo page also fits to its height (when you remove or add data it will get shorter/taller). You can see that here: Texteditordemo | Bubble Editor