[New plugin] Mouse & Keyboard Interactions (Highly experimental!)

whats up with highly experimental? its so crazy/hard to add shortcuts? its hard to give full support for new features? why?.. sorry being harsh, I just dont see it :~

Issue 1: the link to Actions → Reposition An Element (doc), goes to nowhere.

Issue 2:
Reposition element does not display any element, just the page itself…

Thanks for pointing out the Reposition action page element issue @nocodeventure & @nomorecode. The page itself actually shouldn’t have been in the dropdown for element options at all. I went ahead and made the fix so that you will now only see the intended elements as options in the Reposition action - and to emphasize, this action is currently only applicable for popups, floating groups, alerts, and group focuses. Sorry about any confusion with the page element, if you previously had a reposition action set to the page, please delete the action and recreate it. (If your app is on Scheduled Releases, you’ll see the change in effect tomorrow morning).

@Thiago you should see the reposition element action become more useful if you have a popup, floating group, alert, or group focus in your app. Those are the elements this action supports.


This is awesome! Thank you.

@miri @hannah3 Awesome work! We waited too long for capabilities like that to improve our apps UX.

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I’m pumped to use it for displaying certain data based on user mouse location. Next steps would be eye tracking to display data! :innocent:

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Thanks, @miri for this promising feature!

It would be fantastic if we were able inside a workflow to grab which group is being clicked / righ-clicked as @draked123 also said.
That would allow us to create a custom right-click context menu with customized content.

Cheers :beer:


Great! :facepunch:t3:

100% agree here - Honestly the reason I was excited about the right click…


@w.fly @vnihoul77

This is already possible as it stands!

There’s more in the Bubble Bible!

Coming soon :partying_face:


I can’t wait to try it :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks @miri

One quick question: would it be possible now to detect lat long on a map when left clicking with the mouse ? and therefore add markers or actions once coordinates are known.

omg i love this - great! If someone build something with it - would love to see and test it in live mode/ or dev link!

Also in future “Voice Coding” could be possible really easy with bubble, cause it already uses normal word phrases - great for disabled people.

Will there be an option to run different Worflows when something is clicked?
Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-29 um 12.26.04|417x500

Same Button:
Workflow 1 ! runs: when he clicks normally
Workflow 2 runs: when he clicks with right click?

Currently it is just possible to make one main Interaktion on the hole page or do i do something wrong. (I am using Apple Mac Book Trackpack)

I think Apple Trackpad is causing the same issue not just Magic Mouse. (I just clicked left here)

This sounds SUPER cool. The middle / right click functionality will be very welcome…

What is this witchcraft of which you speak? :smiley:

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A template. But it’s not a clone of anything or a different version of an app. A template that includes almost everything that comes standard when you create a new Bubble app. It includes events, actions, usage examples of operators, shortcuts, tips and many more.

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Yes , since this is keyboard related

It would be nice to produce a simulated key-press

I need to simulate hitting F11 after everything loaded to achieve “full screen”

Currently it’s manually pressed

In some of the app I am doing for senior citizen
There won’t be any keyboard or mouse attached

But we want full screen effect !

Is this something you could consider ?
On timer is ok … after everything loaded

Help me press F11

I have a repeating group containing user profile pictures who have done a thing.

I’d like to show a small information window about the user when the mouse hovers over each user profile image in a repeating group.

Similar to what producthunt does here, for example: Graphite - Product Information, Latest Updates, and Reviews 2024 | Product Hunt where mouse position is indicated with a the red X.


I’ve tried both workflows and conditional statements with hover then group but its not doing anything. Am I doing something wrong or is this not a problem that can be solved with this plug-in?

Hey @miri /@allenyang - this is an amazing plugin and I have been finding all kinds of use cases for it. I have a question:

I want to build the functionality of command + click to allow users to select multiple items in a list or shift + click to select a range in a list, but I can’t check if a button is held down when I click. I have added a shortcut for Command and added only when the mouse is clicked, but the workflow only fires when the mouse is clicked at the exact same time as the Command key is pressed. Is there a way to do this where I can just press the command key and hold it while I click on multiple items?

If not, would it be possible for Bubble to add an expression that allows us to check if a key is being held down when an element is clicked? Or an event where we can define what key to check when clicked and the element that is clicked?

Great work, love the plugin. Thanks.

Is there any way to say, if this group is held (left click held) for 3 seconds, run this workflow?


Feature request: Would be ideal if this can be implemented on mobile. For example, a screen press could be picked up same as a click. We can get the x and y coordinates, set actions, etc.