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[New Plugin] Notion-like Rich Text Editor

Hi Wes,

I see there is an image element, but would it be possible to have a image gallery/slider element? Ideally the slider would have several images with an autoslide functionality.

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Hi man,
Thanks for requesting this interesting feature !
I agree it would be nice to have that kind of block in the editor.
I’ll try to see if it has already been developed by a member of the community, or if I would have to develop it by myself.
I’ll keep you updated !

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Hi @weswas
sure, here you go: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thank you so much for the recording @zain.zmn6
Unfortunately, this library does not offer the possibility to customize this behavior and it would be a huge time-consuming task to build it by myself.
If one day this option becomes possible, I’ll add it for sure.

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@weswas We’ve setup an internal documentation system and were starting to move data from Google Docs to our new Notion-like plugin powered system and ran into some issues

Can you please show me how to do this? I can’t seem to figure it out.

That’s so weird !

I’ll look into this issue and come back to you.
Have you find any workaround to use during the time I’m investigating into this ?

Sorry for this,

Hey @cyril.legaspi,

This block has been removed due to its non-compatibility with the “read-only” mode.

I have not unfortunately, we moved on to other tasks temporarily.

Any findings on this issue?

I think I found why this is happening.

The data you’re trying to load in the editor seems not to be in the right format.
Are you sure it is ?