🚀 [New Plugin] PDF Creator

Hi @alexcooney5 ,

First of all, many thanks for your efforts! Such a needed plugin you’ve built!

Need support for charts displaying. I have two charts plugins: 1. Apex Charts and 2. Chartjs

While the plugin renders Chartjs charts, I can’t see the Apex Charts charts. Is it something that you can fix? It’s a bit urgent need.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the kind words @enginalemdar!

Yes, I have to add additional code to PDF Creator to handle all the various chart plugins out there and I haven’t yet done so for the Apex Charts one.

Can you confirm which specific plugin you’re using? I’ll see what I can do.

Hi @alexcooney5

So far I only detected Apex Charts plugin

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Thanks @enginalemdar. There are a number of Apex Charts plugins available. Is this the one you’re using?

Or maybe this one?

If you let me know I can update the plugin to be compatible with them :slight_smile:

The second one I have :slight_smile:

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Thanks @enginalemdar. It will take a bit of work to make these charts compatible with the PDF Creator plugin, but I’ll get on it and report back once I’ve made some progress.

Just as an FYI, PDF Creator is compatible with the popular Chart JS plugin:

and the native Bubble charts plugin:

Just in case you’re under time pressure and need an alternative charts solution that you can use with PDF Creator :slight_smile:

Hi @enginalemdar, just wanted to let you know that I’m still working on making PDF Creator compatible with the Apex Chart plugin.

It’s proving to be a bit tricky, but I’m hoping to have some progress to report later this week :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience and I’ll keep you updated.

Parece ser muito bom esse plugin.
Preciso de um desse, porém o valor em $ para o Brasil fiscal alto.

Hi @enginalemdar, I just released a new version of PDF Creator (version 1.19.3) that is compatible with the Apex Chart plugin :slight_smile:

2024-05-15 16.18.52

I’m creating an A4 flyer 794 x 1122, but the plugin is creating 2 blank pages in front of the flyer. Tried lots of tweaks to the elements inside the ID group, but nothing works - any suggestions why??

Hi @peter8, that’s strange but should be fixable.

Going to send you a private message shortly requesting access to your editor so I can take a closer look at your editor :slight_smile: