[NEW PLUGIN] 💪 PowerLabel: Whitelabel multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps (to create SAAS or other things)

I just released a new plugin that allows you:

Add multiple domains (of subdomains) to any bubble app. That way, you can Whitelabel bubble apps, without the use of iframes of subapps. Works with a free account on netlify.

:muscle: PLUGIN: Plugins | Bubble
:memo: EDITOR: https://bubble.io/page?name=index&id=whitelabel-multiple-domains-plugin&tab=tabs-1
:books: MANUAL: Manual PowerLabel

Anyone who finds bugs (not mentioned before) will get a free lifetime license for one app.


review by @chris.williamson1996

Quick review of this: :star::star::star::star::star:
It’s absolutely amazing!

Prior we used a hosting server for an Iframe & document.referer + clear alias for white label
Not only did it cost us 99mo but also was quite a pain in the ass to setup initially and caused issues with mobile and people on non common browsers.

This solved that problem, from him hooking me up with the giveaway just a few hours ago we fully integrated it in, tested, and adjusted our prior flows in a matter of 3-4 hours.

Easier, faster, more reliable, cheaper.

If anyone is looking to white label this is 100% the route to go!


Nice work @gaimed!

Some of the discussions with clients have paused at the need to pay 500/month for subapps/other things etc.

Looking forward to an opportunity to give this a spin.


Hello and thank you for efforts. Would you tell us how your plugin is different than theirlabel plugin.
And what is the limitation if any…

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Great question

How is PowerLabel different from TheirLabel?

TheirLabel uses iframes to send the request from the custom domain to bubble. PowerLabel uses a reverse proxy so you don’t need a iframe. So it works on safari mobile and other browsers that block third party domains in iframes. Also should work better for SEO.


Great work - if anyone starts using this Live let everyone know how it goes. Might have to put this on our roadmap :+1:



  • File / image uploading is fixed
  • Added way to create custom mapping for paths (so you can redirect /pricing to bubble page product1_pricing)
  • fixed login / signup (without the need to refreshing or catching errors)
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Pricing will be increase in 2021 to 10 dollars a month. Ill leave it at 5 dollars a month for early adopters!

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Thanks for the ping @gaimed… it does look and sound ‘promising’ however I’ve yet to explore the full benefits/pitfalls of subs so will be watching from the sidelines. Best of luck with the sales.

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thnx! you wont need subapps btw. You can do it with a one main app :slight_smile:


Will this work if my Bubble app has lots of plugins and API requests? Will anything break?

that very difficult to say. There a like 100ds of plugins. I tested it with 20ish and it worked. All core bubble functionality works as well.

I’m going to give a try @gaimed :+1:t2:

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Update 1.3.1:

You can attach multiple (subdomains) domains to one cname using the aliases (list) parameter. That allows you to whitelabel things like:
hubspot.saasworksuite.com (customer site 1)
marketo.saasworksuite.com (customer site 2)

But you only have to set the wildcard dns once. So it allow for saas way of creating subdomains without using subapps.


Hi - this is all so new/foreign to me. Does this mean your plugin negates the need to pay for several different apps (built on Bubble)?

Well. Yes. We are using it to put all logic of multiple apps into one app. But it also means the different domains share the same user database.

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Looks good.

In the future can we automate creating subdomains like slack and other apps so that users can just name their preferred brand name and it creates a subdomain like this



  1. MyBrandName is the name of the workspace the users entered ina form
  2. Bubble.com is my app
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Exactly :slight_smile:
Thats what we are doing now with our bubble app.


Oh great… i must have misunderstood the set up instruction.

  1. So… you mean for End users… all they have to do is fill a form field for their Workspace/brand name and automatically a new subdomain MyBrandName.Bubble.com will be created within no time and they can start working? If it is so… then i will be v much interested.

  2. How will it work on Mobile app. How does one set up native mobile app to support this subdomain feature? Is there any best practice UX that we can refer to?

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Yes. Only issue I still need to get more experience on is how long it would take for netlify to give an ssl to a subdomain (of maybe that can be done with a wildcard ssl certificate).

Added a video with some explaination of the possibilities: