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[NEW PLUGIN] 💪 PowerLabel: Whitelabel multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps (to create SAAS or other things)

I had some difficulties to manage my app architecture with the previous plugin, including some workflows (mainly around Stripe, and store products catalog). The (re)fresh new app version is now “compliant” (I managed to remove the url parameters… :grin:) so I can’t wait for the plugin public release! :running_man:

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Pick me!

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@mike_verbruggen @vascolucci @johnny can you dm your appname?

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here is the new plugin explained: Vidyard Recording?

Will release it in week or 3-4


Hi, I just retried and it now works perfectly (I refer to the error we encountered a bit more than a week ago). Happy to test the new plugin!


Anyone want to test the new version of the plugin. Please look at this post: Beta Test: SaasAlias Plugin for whitelabeling domains

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It seems this plugin is using a lot of functions on netlify - I am already half way through the 125k free requests in one week and my page traffic is not high (approx 200 users/day). That shouldn’t be the case, right?

If you have a lot of queries and requests (like rg that does request for each row). That will cost a lot of requests.

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1/for information (in order to fix it for the new plugin), I still have issues with multi-file uploading which is working on my app with the standard domain but not when I use powerlabel (I can’t see the file or image uploaded when I click on them but I can see them on my standard domain).

2/Then with the SaaS element I can use it to look at either a domain or a subdomain but not both. I need to get different parameters from a subdomainA.site1 and subdomainA.site2 it is today not possible to have the same subdomain for two different sites because it will load the same data form subdomainA whereas I need to load specific data from subdomainA.site2.

Thank you very much for the great work.

  1. is your ssl working? because there should be no problems with uploading. Or are u using a plugin for uploading files?

  2. domain should give you both subdomain and domain?

Thank you for this information!

Thanks for your reply,

1/yes my SSL is working. Yes I am using a plugin to upload file which is multifile uploader from Bubble and Multifile uploader from Zero code

So I have changed my code and pick a single picture upload (not a plugin) and it is working but the UX is less interesting than with a multifile uploader.

2/No domain didn’t gave me both I had to select subdomain in the saas element to get the subdomain.

Thanks a lot

why dont you combine subdomain and domain?

can you give me the cname and the page where you are uploading? I also use the multi file uploader and it works fine.

I dont’ know how to combine subdomain and domain?
If I have subdomainA.site1 and subdomainA.site2 it always load subdomainA.site1 and I can’t load subdomainA.site2

sent it to you on a private message

Hey @gaimed I keep getting this error when I fire an action from the plugin only not with the ‘Whitelabel domain’ action… Something with the plugin or Bubble? :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 09.48.37

no idea . not having the problem here. any server logs?

I fixed multi file upload in the new saasalias plugin. Wont be able to fix it in powerlabel as it works differently and bubble changed how fileuploads work.

You can participate in the beta or get the plugin if its released

this is something do to do with how you set your workflows. saas.domain gives you back So its easy just to load the correct data.

Not seeing anything in the logs :frowning: Will make a bug report