[NEW PLUGIN] 💪 PowerLabel: Whitelabel multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps (to create SAAS or other things)

Love it! The instant load will be a huge plus!


UPDATE: Version 1.3.3

  • adds dynamic favoicons to whitelabeled domains. Just pass a path to a image/icon to the whitelabel function and it will show it.

Notice from bubble.io: You are only allowed to use this plugin on apps with a paid plan.

Make sense

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@lotte thnx for you message. I wil reply in public on what is the difference with theirlabel.

Both allow you to do whitelabeling of domains. Difference is that powerlabel works all browsers, should be better for SEO and works in safari (and will keep working when chrome blocks third party cookies in 2021). Also uploading images/files, login/signup, etc works.

oAuth also works (like google) when u setup the plugin NOT to use generic url and setup a redirect url (so like people use login/signup and are redirected back to that page)

Hey @gaimed,

I’m close to subscribe to this plugin, but first à last question : what about the Stripe redirect & checkout URLs? Do they have to match the new domains or can I still use the “legacy” url, aka the global domain.

Many thanks!

I have no experience with stripe yet…

OK, thanks for your feedback and transparency, appreciated

So i going to keep my initial objective to launch my app, and when this launch will be secured and effective, I’ll subscribe and test, using Stripe. I’ll get back to you with my feedback, for sure

Update 1.3.4:

Made function whitelabel 4 times faster (from 29 seconds to 7 seconds). Should not timeout anymore.

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I’ve just integrated this. If you’re using stripe connect you can dynamically set the redirect URL, success url, failure URL when making the calls with stripe.

Plug-in has worked perfect with it.


Great news, I’m using both Connect and Checkout, + Self Portal.

The point is still that before testing this, I’m not sure I can whitelabel mydomain.com/page/<thing’slug> to <thing’slug>.mydomain.com

You will store the domain they register, on page load you will do search for user WL domain contains url extracted by regex grabbing just the subdomain, set a page state with user.

From there you can use the same logic to dynamiclly display data or load invoices etc

I have to try this setup, yes.

The “thing’ slug” is an object accessed by several users part of the same team. And I also use lot of URL parameters to manage page contents and workflow. I guess it will take some time for this setup…

Thanks @chris.williamson1996

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Just do the following:

whitelabel action:

bubble url: your app url
bubble page: page you want to load
whitelabeldomain: customerpages.mydomain.com

then you get a cname and you add that to the dns using a wildcard so:

  • whitelabel-something.netlify.app cname

then you add the things’slugs (you will need to create a list of texts) as a list to alias field. So customer1.mydomain.com, customer2.mydomain.com, etc. Will work in about 7 seconds after deployment and sometimes takes 30 seconds to get the ssl certificate (from netlify).


Anyone willing to create a manual (like 3 pages of instructions I think) with examples, screenshots and step by step instructions? Ill give you a free plugin for life on one app

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@gaimed , do I have to pay for a Netlify subscription to use your plugin?
What is the relevant price per month then? Are there any other additional costs?

You can use netlify for free. Unless you have a lot of traffic (10k page loads a month orso) per whitelabeled domain it will be free. No additional costs.

what if 1 of my clients has more than 10k? For example, let’s say he had 12k in March. What then?

99 dollars a month gives you unlimited traffic for all your domains on netlify. There are also lower tiers.

I am increasing the price of this plugin in a month orso.