[NEW PLUGIN] 💪 PowerLabel: Whitelabel multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps (to create SAAS or other things)

Hi @gaimed, from time to time on pages that need a lot of data to work I encounter this issue on my browser : {“errorMessage”:“2021-03-01T16:29:12.786Z 432b8fa3-cb85-42cc-ac07-8b4094cb96bb Task timed out after 10.01 seconds”}

Here is the error message in the console : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 502 ()

I am using cloudflare and PowerLabel.

Than I have to reload the page 2 or 3 time to make it work without changing anything.

Do you have any idea how to fix this ?

Will it be fixed in the new SaaS plugin when it will be live ?

Thnaks for your feedback.

Hi there,

There is a limit of 10 seconds in netlify. There is a cost to increase that to 26 seconds on a per site basis. You must load a lot of data in one go to load such a big amount. I would recommend paging it. In the new plugin there will be a option to increase it to 26 seconds for 50 dollars a month (paid annually).

I’m noticing inner pages on my sub domains aren’t directing HTTP to HTTPS, but the “main” (index) page does redirect successfully. Is this a bug?

Eg. http://subdomain.domain.com/ → redirects to https

But http://subdomain.domain.com/inner-page → does not redirect to https, and stays as insecure.

DNS isn’t controlled by Netlify, if that helps and SSL is confirmed working by Netlify dashboard for the sub domain.

@armcburn I will fix that in the new plugin (saasalias) tomorrow.

Will PowerLabel customers get switched over to SaaS Alias when it’s released? Or is this (PowerLabel) plugin simply being dropped and not maintained by you anymore?

If the change is required - are we able to manage existing white label setups that were added via PowerLabel with the SaaS Alias plugin?

Due to problems on the bubble platform I had to rewrite the entire plugin. I am not able to maintain PowerLabel plugin anymore. You will have to migrate to the new plugin (you will have to remove the deployments on your existing setup and redeploy using the new plugin).

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SaasAlias is launched!


The SaasAlias - Multiple domains will be 10 dollars a month till May (beta period). After that it will increase to 25 dollars a month*.

  • You will also need the SaasAlias - Config Generator plugin for one time purchase of 25 dollars (will increase to 50 dollars in May).

  • If you want instant subdomains the SaasAlias - SSL plugin will be 5 dollars a month till May. After that it will increase to 10 dollars a month.

If you subscribe in March you will have the lower price untill your subscriptions stays active

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Subscribed :smiley::+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by paging it ?
How can I increase it on Netlify on a per site basis ? I have to select what kind of subscription on netlify ? What is the cost on a per site basis or in total ?
I don’t want to select a wrong subscription type.

You think I should do it with your new plugin instead ?
It’s 50$ a month for all domains ? Thanks

Per domain. Only with saasalias plugin. You will have to request that to me.

Paging is only showing 100 records at a time. Not 1000ds

Bubble is changing some unofficial api’s. Powerlabel will stop working in a coupe of weeks. Migrate to SaasAlias before its to late.

Hi @gaimed , I’ve not yet subscribed but I’m just figuring out if it makes sense for me.

For example, if I use the SaasAlias plugins to enable users to create stores linked to their own domains, and a user is signed into my bubble app, will they automatically be signed in across all stores built using my SAAS?

I’m guessing the answer is yes, but this fact needs to be concealed with new credentials for each store?

Thanks, just trying to get a high-level understanding first.

Please ask this in the saasalias post http://forum.bubble.io/t/re-plugin-saasalias-multiple-domains-and-subdomains-for-bubble-apps/142926

This plugin is replaced by NoCodeMayo: Add multiple domains to your Bubble app

This plugin is replaced by https://coalias.com/