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[NEW PLUGIN] 💪 PowerLabel: Whitelabel multiple domains and subdomains for bubble apps (to create SAAS or other things)

Question. Any thoughts on email white labeling

Or is that easier and just need to configure sendgrid with multiple domains it can send from. Then use the same option set and send from a different domain?

Great work btw.

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Exactly. Just use sendgrid and the sendgrid plugin configured with multiple domains.

This plugin includes the dynamic favicon?

Currently not. Working on:

Dynamic favoicon and also dynamic replacing of content like {{brandname}} to Hubspot or something.


This won’t make it native but things like brand name etc can be done via get url and set page state for user

do search for user -> subdomain = url:extracted with regex.

Then any company names, logos, page titles, etc can be handled via page state user data.

Additionally loading things such as an invoice page can be done a similar way even if a user isn’t logged in. get data from URL (slug or unique ID) load invoice for a customer or whatever your use case may be.

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Hi Chris.

That has a slight delay (when you use bubble) and I am doing something that requires instant personalization on first load.

No one has to use it. I am adding it because I need it myself.


Could it be avoided from a legal point of view if you use a 3rd party login system like auth0 ?

Not from a legal point. But I didnt test it from a technical point of view.

Love it! The instant load will be a huge plus!


UPDATE: Version 1.3.3

  • adds dynamic favoicons to whitelabeled domains. Just pass a path to a image/icon to the whitelabel function and it will show it.

Notice from You are only allowed to use this plugin on apps with a paid plan.

Make sense

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@lotte thnx for you message. I wil reply in public on what is the difference with theirlabel.

Both allow you to do whitelabeling of domains. Difference is that powerlabel works all browsers, should be better for SEO and works in safari (and will keep working when chrome blocks third party cookies in 2021). Also uploading images/files, login/signup, etc works.

oAuth also works (like google) when u setup the plugin NOT to use generic url and setup a redirect url (so like people use login/signup and are redirected back to that page)

Hey @gaimed,

I’m close to subscribe to this plugin, but first à last question : what about the Stripe redirect & checkout URLs? Do they have to match the new domains or can I still use the “legacy” url, aka the global domain.

Many thanks!

I have no experience with stripe yet…

OK, thanks for your feedback and transparency, appreciated

So i going to keep my initial objective to launch my app, and when this launch will be secured and effective, I’ll subscribe and test, using Stripe. I’ll get back to you with my feedback, for sure

Update 1.3.4:

Made function whitelabel 4 times faster (from 29 seconds to 7 seconds). Should not timeout anymore.

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I’ve just integrated this. If you’re using stripe connect you can dynamically set the redirect URL, success url, failure URL when making the calls with stripe.

Plug-in has worked perfect with it.


Great news, I’m using both Connect and Checkout, + Self Portal.

The point is still that before testing this, I’m not sure I can whitelabel<thing’slug> to <thing’slug>