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[New Plugin] Quick Find Search & Facet Filtering

@fabrice.latour04 can you please respond to your support questions?

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Hi Fabrice,

I’m just getting into using the plugin – looks mega-powerful!

Trying out a simple search for users names and a nested datatype Language which has a text field called Peter_lang.

(Looked at your example in: Plugins-testings | Bubble Editor)

My setup:

However, if I enter a word that should get a hit in the nested datatype I get nothing. I do get this error though:

Bug in custom code TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘target’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1635529305406x115283834020036600/Quick-Find-Search—Facet-Filtering-initialize–Quick-Find-.js:5:8506)
at ()
at (PLUGIN_1635529305406x115283834020036600/Quick-Find-Search—Facet-Filtering-initialize–Quick-Find-.js:5:8490)
at HTMLInputElement.eval (PLUGIN_1635529305406x115283834020036600/Quick-Find-Search—Facet-Filtering-update–Quick-Find-.js:5:7445)
at HTMLInputElement.dispatch (https://x/package/run_debug_js/50702da94adda2657cf27e0db7fa0c0d71b9dc3081d01f44212dd4db4d615727/xfalse/x18/run_debug.js:3:10315)
at q.handle (https://x/package/run_debug_js/50702da94adda2657cf27e0db7fa0c0d71b9dc3081d01f44212dd4db4d615727/xfalse/x18/run_debug.js:3:8342)
at root (PLUGIN_1635529305406x115283834020036600/Quick-Find-Search—Facet-Filtering-initialize–Quick-Find-.js:5:8506)

Appreciate any insights.

Best, Peter

Hey Peter,

Sorry to here you are having trouble with the Nested search. Mind sharing a demo page/editor by DM so I can investigate your issue?


:tada: Update 1.4.0 :tada:

  1. The Quick Find element can now be visible before the Input element. This has some performance benefits when the Input is in a Floating Group, Group Focus, or Popup. As the QF element can be placed on the Page, hence all the Data will load before the Input is shown to the User.
  2. New Edit action Workflow Action that allows to add or remove a Listener on an Input manually. This is useful if you want to have multiple QF elements connected to the same Input (See Demo)

Refresh your editor and Upgrade the Plugin to get updated code


:tada: Update 1.4.1 :tada:

Added the Multi Quick Find elements field. This field is to be used when multiple Quick Find elements are used to search a shared input (i.e., that uses the same Input ID Attribute) and it is desired to show the results simultaneously. By default, only 1 QF element will return results in order to not trigger searches when it isn’t needed.


Refresh your editor and Upgrade the Plugin to get updated code


@fabrice.latour04 this plugin has become a staple in all of my apps with client-side filtering. Thanks again for this!


Hello @fabrice.latour04
whenever we use the Plugin in a page, we get the following error right from the start
“The plugin Quick Find Search & Facet Filtering / element Quick Find threw the following error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘keys’)
at eval (PLUGIN_1635529305406x115283834020036600/Quick-Find-Search—Facet-Filtering-update–Quick-Find-.js:5:7632)
at https://***********.com/package/run_debug_js/a4df47e3f65ead313f170bc81c4956050d41d01188e955ac10c3db4dec90b9ed/xfalse/x15/run_debug.js:6:2482347 (please report this to the plugin author)”
Whatever configuration or setting we try, we cannot seem to make it work. Any ideas on your part what could cause this? (Unfortunately we cannot share the setup)

Hi @fabrice.latour04

I am really interested in your search plugin…

Can I just ask (if you know) can I use this to filter results for a Bubble-standard Google map? I ask because with Fuzzy Search I cannot seem to specify using 'When input(name)‘s value is not empty’ change the Data Source to (Fuzzy Search’s results). Data Source is not an option (where as it is for an RG).

I reckon that is because Fuzzy cannot search a geographic address field maybe…but I wanted to check with you first before buying your plugin.

What I actually want is to search several fields of one Type…geographic address and test fields and narrow the map pins accordingly.

Is this possible?

Hi @fabrice.latour04,

I was amazed by the presentation of your plugin and immediatly bought it but i’m unfortunately still struggling to figure out how to use it with airtable, all my attemps failed so far. Could you please provide an example or some more explanations on that specific use case?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Hey @fabrice.latour04

Do you know when the accents will be supported?

Thanks a lot.

Hello @fabrice.latour04

Does the plugin have the option to have an initial content just like the search box from Bubble?

I’ve seen the demo about the initial content but it seems that it gives all the searches.

What if you just want to have in the searchbox 1 item that comes from the database?

Thanks a ton.

Hello @zherocode,

I’m sorry for not getting back to you sooner. So you can’t use fields from Data coming from certain Bubble integrations in Plugins. I’ve come to notice that only the Plugin API Calls and the API Connector can be used as fields for Plugin Data and/or as data for Backend Workflows.

Here is an example RG using an Airtable list.

Here me using the field Record ID from the RG.

Here is me trying to use the Receipt Log Data type as a key value for a Backend Workflow. But you just can’t.

Here is a simple Test Plugin to pull data from Airtable.

As you can see the Airtable Text Field is not accessible.

So the outcome of this message is that you:

  1. Pull-in data hosted in Airtable, via the API connector;
  2. Communicate with Bubble so they update the Airtable Plugin API Call to be usable as Plugin Data Fields.

I would gladly voucher for this upgrade, and let me know if you have any questions or need help from my end once you get in touch with them.


Hey @ryanck,

I still have to develop the highlighting part of the code, so hopefully before Christmas :crossed_fingers:.

Currently no you can’t have an initial content return by the Plugin. I can add it to the roadmap. :slight_smile:


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Hi @fabrice.latour04

I use this tool in a couple of places and find it really useful.

I might be doing something really dumb but I can’t seem to filter the original request on an option set.
If I set up the search like this it works

If I add a constraint like this it returns nothing

On a regular repeating group thats searching the same data this constraint is fine

Any suggestions?

Thanks - John

Since yesterday the plugin has completely stopped working. Has anyone else experienced this?

@johnnyweb are you sure there are results when searching for Leave Requests with the constraint Leave Type <> WorkingHours? Here is a demo of searching for something with an option set constraint.

@madvaultllc are you still experiencing problems? On my end, everything is still working fine for the demo, client, and personal apps. Please DM me if you still have issues, and I can try to debug/help you.

Is there a response or solution to this question?

I’m a huge fan of this plug-in and have been using it all over my app. I noticed as I started to add more test data in that the results are not being sorted as expected. It might be my setup, but I think it’s a bug? Below is a screenshot of my setup and results. Hoping you can straighten me out?

When the input is just the first name is a match it sorts great, but as soon as you add a second word in the search, it sorts funny. But when it matches on the second word or in this case a last name, it’s sorting the results oddly. It seems actually to be sorted based on the first name’s length. I added Le in there as a test and sure enough, it was first on the list with only 2 letters on the first name.

This go away when I uncheck multi-word but as you can imagine i do want to each on multi-word, in this case, to expose partially matched first or last names. What i would assume it would sort where the higher the number of consecutive matched letters would show at the top?..So when Chris Brown is searched and the Full name is there that should be at the top of the list. Now its under others with shorter than 5 letter names that appear in the search results.

Thanks for your help!

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No, there was no support provided for this question. I have not found a solution either.

@fabrice.latour04 Any chance you can respond to this? It’s been 5 months since I asked this question without resolution.

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for reporting this experience when the multi-word field is checked. I will look into this from the screenshots you provided and keep you updated.