[New Plugin] Quick Find Search & Facet Filtering


Hey Fabrice - it seems that the facet setting is not working as expected with this plugin. Am I missing something?

I noticed for example, that in you demo the facet “qty” has no effect. The only facets that seem to work are related to nested fields.

Hey @bryanrcosta,

So facet filters work by first inputting the facet attribute:, then followed by an operator depending on the Facet format, and finally the facet value Please take a look at the documentation which explains how they work. :slight_smile:

Here are some examples from the main demo page:

Cheers and feel free to reach out if you have other questions,

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Thanks for clarification!

Should have paid more attention to your documentation. My bad - that’s on me :sweat_smile:

In your demo you have the “tag” facet as well. I assume based on your documentation String: {facetAttribute}:{value};

the following tag: green doesn’t return anything. I looked at your demo editor and I can see that it is configured though…

CleanShot 2023-01-26 at 12.59.58

Am I missing something?

Hi, Fabrice just checking back on this Multi-Word dilemma. Have you found a solution to this by chance? Thanks so much!

Im trying to display a nested list of words (skills attached to a staff member) when displaying the output. Both the staff list and the skills are things (ie neither is an option set).

When I display the output I can’t get anything to show for the skills.

This may have been answered as I see it was in the upgrade path last year but I can’t get it to work. Has this been added to the plugin?

Hey Fabrice…I have been using the Quick Find Plugin for a few months now. For the most part it is awesome, but every once in a while the search results are blank. I am following the install instructions and like I said, most of the time it works great. Any tips on where to investigate why this is happening. BTW, if I refresh the screen it works again.


Hi @fabrice.latour04 , the plugin looks amazing and feedback sounds also very good.

I have a particular use case that I was wondering if I can achieve with this plugin?
I have products that have tags (e.g. non-alcoholi, sustainable, bio). Each product can have multiple tags. so basically my product type has a field of type list of tags
In my filter/search I want the user to be able to filter for tags.

So for example the following DB entries

  • Apple → Tags: Green, Fruit, Sweet
  • Lemon → Tags: Yellow, Fruit, Sour
  • Pie → Tags: Yellow, Cake, Sweet

Option A “OR”, i.e. one of the selected tags is contained in the products tag list
If the user selects

  • Fruit, Sweet, he should see Apple and Pie
  • Yellow, Green, he should see Apple and Lemon

Option B “AND”, .i.e. all selected tags are contained in products tag list
If the user selects

  • Fruit, Sweet, he should see only Apple
  • Yellow, Green, he should see nothing

Is that possible? Right now I am using advanced filters with Intersect for Option A. Option B I haven’t figured out yet ^^

Hello @fabrice.latour04,

We just bought the plugin and it is great, our searches are significantly faster and better now. :grinning: :grinning:

We do have a question now when we want to use the nested searches, we do get this to work but when we use the “sort by” feature in the datasource from the plugin the nested data fields are not sorting with the rest of the data.
So for example, now on a row of our repeating group it shows a client with the wrong address, because the client names are sorted but the addresses are keeping their current cell index position.

Is there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance!

@fabrice.latour04 I am still having this problem. I am pulling the data from a header element state that refreshes on page load. Every once in a while the results are blank even when I have verified there is data in the header state. I have tried to replicate the problem but can’t…it is not consistently happening. The customer says it happens about every 10 times they use the feature. Any thoughts?

Hey @fabrice.latour04 !

I’m encountering an issue when trying to deploy a search feature using the Quick Find Search plugin.

Specifically, I have a Data Type that is called AI Tools. This data type has a few fields, one of which is a list of another thing (or Data Type), called Categories.

Each entry in the AI Tools table has a list of several categories assigned to it. Basically I want to associate multiple tech categories to a single tool.

Screenshot 2023-04-08 at 13.32.39

Now, to the core of the problem: when I try to search for the field “Categories” inside the AI Tool data type using Quick Find Search, it just wont work. I did a few tests:

  • It works when there is a singular value for a Category in the AI Tool data type (i.e categories are not a list of things)
  • It won’t work when it’s looking through a list, it does not return any results in a repeating group

This is the configuration of the plugin, and it works for everything that is not a list :pensive:

Screenshot 2023-04-08 at 13.32.29

Could someone please help me navigate through this issue?

The goal is to be able to have a list of categories associated to an AI Tool, then with Quick Find Search (connected to an input), look through the Categories field and return any tool that has at least an element in that list that matches my search.

Thank you!

Hello @cosenzadario ,

Unfortunately, this Plugin doesn’t currently support fields as lists (One-to-Many relationships).

Hope this helps and feel free to reach out if you have other questions. :grinning:

Hello @madvaultllc and @fabrice.latour04
Was there ever a solution for this? I am running into the exact same situation. It is a huge bummer due to I love this plug in however being able to filter the results is a huge deal.
On the QuickFind plugin I am using a “Do a search for” as the data source and the “sort by” = Random. I am also using dropdowns to sort the results differently such as Newest/Oldest/highest price/etc.
On the QFS&FF editor am I using conditionals to change the way that the search results are sorted simply by changing the data source to a new “Do a Search for” with the “sort by” = the dropdown’s value.
The dropdowns work great and the search by itself is great however they are not working together.
If I do a search first, the search results shown are perfect however I then apply a filter and the search results freak out.
If I apply a filter first, it filters the group perfectly. THIS IS WITH THE INPUT BLANK and showing all results.
If I try to combine the two (search and filter) in any way the search results freak out and are incorrect.
I have spent about 8 hours on this now and I can not find any thing wrong on my end. I do hope I am doing something wrong so I can fix it but I think it is a bug.
@fabrice.latour04 Can we please get some input the the situation that @madvaultllc and I are experiencing? Thank you in advance!

@fabrice.latour04 @madvaultllc
I have finally found the simple solution to this.

The Quick Find plug in will not allow us to do conditions to include filters (sort by).
The solution is to do the conditions on the repeating group itself.

Here is the condition to run in the RG.
When: (fill in the blank)
Data source= Quickfind Main Data:sorted (then select how to sort)

Hope this helps someone out.

How many WU does this need?


Hey @fabrice.latour04

We’ve implemented this plug in across 4 apps and it works great. Our RG table load speed has reduced dramatically and we have some clients complaining - we’ve tinkered around with the settings for a few days now and can’t seem to improve the speed.

Are we able to please get some assistance from you?



Hello everyone,

I am currently encountering an issue with the Quick Find Search & Facet Filtering plugin on the Bubble platform.

I use it to search for users in my database, particularly based on their “Job Title”. When a user registers, they have the opportunity to fill in their current position in the “Job Title” field.

However, I’m having a problem when searching for users who are front-end developers. Some users fill in “front developer”, others “frontend developer”, and still others “front-end developer”.

When I try to display the list of “front-end developers” using Quick Find Search & Facet Filtering, the plugin does not return the users who simply wrote “front developer” and “frontend developer”. As a result, I am missing several results in my search.

I’m therefore looking for solutions to solve this issue. Is there a way to configure the plugin to consider “front developer”, “frontend developer”, and “front-end developer” as equivalent during the search? Or is there another solution that you could suggest to me?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello @twowheelsanddeals,

I would like to better understand what you are experiencing. By filters do you mean using the Bubble :filtered operator or do you mean using Conditionals to perform different Searches based on a filtering requirement? I’ve put together this Demo that does multiple things to the QuickFind Element, such as applying Conditionals to perform different Do a search for. Also the Data source has a Sort by title for no filters, filter = brown and filter = yellow, and these all work.

Hey @buero,

So based on the Bubble Manual client-side execution of Javascript doesn’t cost any WU (except for the initial Page Loading). Because this isn’t a Server-side Plugin, the only WUs that would be charged are for Performing the Do a search for operator (i.e., Performing the DB search + Each character of data returned + Each result returned)

Hello @sofiane.kerbel,

You could use the Multi words setting to allow for searching results that have have similar words but not in the same order front developer


Hope this helps


hello @fabrice.latour04
thanks for your answer.
the issue is not by using multi words.
For exemple i have 3 user and each user enter a different job title
user A enter " frontend"
user B enter “front-end”
user C enter “front end”
when i search " frontend", the plugin find only user A. Do you think it possible to configure the plugin to force to show the 3 users ?

Hello @fabrice.latour04 , thank you for getting back with me.
I am using your plugin for search results to be fed into a RepeatingGroup. The search works perfectly. The problem I ran into was placing search filtering conditions into your plugin.
I am using your plugin to search for “Things” and then the user would select from a dropdown on how those searched “Things” are to be displayed such as from highest to lowest, or newest to oldest, etc…
The conditions I was using on your plugin would be: When dropdown “X” Value = Highest, do a search for “Things” sorted by descending = Yes.
No matter what I did, your plugin would freak out and display data incorrectly. Your plugin’s search capability is spot on and works beautifully but It would always mess up if one of the stated conditions came into play.
I found if I put those sorting conditions into the RepeatingGroup that your plugin was feeding, your plugin search worked correctly and the RepeatingGroup filtered correctly with the conditions.
I hope this makes sense and helps you out. Have a great day!

I have a nested repeating group where the child RG has a different data source from the parent RG cell. I have dropdown filters with Option sets that are relevant to the child RG of the parent RG cell. By applying a option set filter, will this plugin filter the child RG while still showing the parent RG cell that has the filtered child RG items?

I have a 2nd dropdown filter that needs to filter the parent RG by a different data source. Will the plugin allow me to filter down the parent RG by that other data source if the original data source remains the same?

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