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[New Plugin] Simple Charts

Got it, thanks for the feedback, @christo1 !

Hi all, just pushed another minor update in v1.40.2

I removed the default Y Axis min value – it used to be “0” and even though that field was supposed to be optional, it wasn’t allowing users to leave it blank (it would revert back to zero). Leaving that field blank now will allow the plugin to auto calculate a min value based on the chart’s smallest values.

Note: If you left that value to the default value of “0” you may want to double check that it is still set to zero (if you need it that way) once you upgrade the plugin!


Hi all, update in v2.41.0 – a bit of a late post on this one but I’m excited to announce that the Simple Charts plugin now supports Box & Whisker / Box Plot Charts, here is an example:

For each series you can enter the list of number lists. The numbers within a list should be separated with a comma. The lists should be separated with a semi-colon (e.g. “100, 200, 300; 200, 300, 400; 300, 400, 500”). This can be a mix of static values and dynamic values. The plugin automatically does the work of calculating the minimum, q1, median, q3, and maximum values based on the list of data points you give it for each series.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or feedback :slight_smile:

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@alex4 Thank you for this plugin, it has been very useful! Is there any way to refresh a chart after its series data is changed without refreshing the page? I am using external data from an api to populate the series data but I haven’t figured a way to trigger the chart from calling the api without refreshing the page.

Hi @eri.ifeadepoju – thanks for reaching out and apologies for the slower reply!

In order to refresh a chart after its series data is changed, you should be able to use the workflow action “Add series to Chart” using the same series names. For example, if you have a series called “Series A” loaded on a chart, you can run the workflow action to “Add a series” to that chart and set the name of the series you’re adding to “Series A”.

Is that clear? Happy to take a look at your editor if needed!


It works like a charm! At first, it didn’t seem to work but then I suspected that it could be because of caching. This post helped me resolve that: Finally, my API data refreshes without page reload- How I got it to work - Tips - Bubble Forum


Sweet! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions :slight_smile:

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Hi All, just published a new update in v2.41.3

For Bubble Charts, you can now specify the gridline and axes colors like you can in the Bar/Line Charts.


Another small update in v2.41.4

You can now specify the Max X and Y Ticks numbers for Bubble Charts.


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Update in v2.41.6

I’ve added the ability to specify the Max X and Y Axis Tick numbers for Boxplot Charts as well!

Update in v2.41.8

I’ve added the ability to refer to the “Hovered Item X Index” for Bar/Line Charts, which will return the item number of the hovered series value.


Update in v2.41.9

There was previously an issue with adding/removing data series to Scatter Charts and Bubble Charts where (a) removing a series did not work consistently and (b) adding a data series of the same name (e.g. “Series 1”) would create an additional series instead of updated the existing series with the new values. Both of these issues have been fixed! Please let me know if you notice otherwise.


Update in v2.41.11

You can now give a bar chart rounded corners by specifying the corner radius in pixels! Here’s a quick example:


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Dats nice!

Thanks @jared.gibb! I appreciate the support :slight_smile:

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Update in v2.41.16: Bar/Line Chart Animation

Previously, the Bar/Line Chart element did not animate if you added the series values in the element properties (meaning you’d need to add them via the workflow actions to get the Bar/Line to animate). Now, the Bar/Line animates when the data is loaded! I’ll be adding this feature to the other chart types in the days to come.


Update in v2.43.0: Rounded Corners for Doughnut Charts!

You can now round the corners of each section for Doughnut Charts. You have three options:

  1. Square Section Corners
  2. Rounded Corners (All Sections)
  3. Rounded Corners (Single Section)

Here’s an example of this in action:

That’s sick bro. I love that nice styling! Is that css or a built in chart library function?

@alex4 I just purchased your charts plugin and I’m trying to create my first chart (a donut chart in my case). I have the chart working with dynamic labels and dynamic values without any problem, but I can’t seem to get dynamic pie chart colours working. I need dynamic colours because I always want to tie the same colour to a particular category in my pie charts but depending on the context, certain categories may or may not be included in the pie. In testing, if I put a static list of colours in the field (e.g. #4A86E8,#E8685E,#EA4335,#EA958E,#D7B0C3,#D57DA8) the chart loads fine, but if I change the field to reference a string created by doing a “search for…” and “format as text”, my chart doesn’t load - all I get when previewing my app in debug mode is a “General Error” without any other helpful clues.

Here is a screenshot showing my chart’s properties in case that is helpful. As you can see, in this case, the dynamic “search for…” and “format as text” has generated the string of hex codes and it looks valid to me.

I am in need of some help please! I am trying to merge two lists together from a dynamic date range. Here is what it looks like currently. Ignore the dropdown, that will modify which metric is currently in view.

The repeating group on the left is the list of data showing how far the athlete ran in meters on a training day. The middle repeating group is a list of dates in sequential order. The repeating group on the right is the two lists merged together. I cannot figure out a way to show the repeating group on the rights data in the chart and have it align to the proper date. @alex4 let me know if this is possible and how to accomplish. Thank you and I love the plugin outside of my current frustration!