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[New Plugin] Simple Product Analytics for

Hi Bubblers :wave:!

This is Nacim and I am excited to announce that the Lemonflow Analytics plugin is available to the Bubble community for free.

Lemonflow Analytics is simple Product Analytics for Bubble developers. It allows you to track user events from Bubble workflows in two clicks and quickly understand how your MVP is doing. :tada:

:gift: Lemonflow Analytics Plugin

How does it work?
Setup is really simple and takes only 2 minutes :slight_smile:

  • Signup for free on Lemonflow
  • Install the Lemonflow Plugin here and set your client ID and secret
  • Start tracking events from your workflows

Some great features will come really soon:

:white_check_mark: Real-time Slack and emails notifications on important events
:white_check_mark: Measure your User Growth
:white_check_mark: Measure your User Engagement

You can be part of this journey :hugs:
As we’re currently at the exciting early-access period, we would love to get your feedback and answer any questions you have.

Feel free to share and let’s make this work together!

Ready to start tracking your events?
Get started for free

Lemonflow funder


Hey Bubblers :wave: !

Say hello to a whole new way to understand your users on your Bubble app.

We’ve added a bunch of cool new features and made some major improvements on Lemonflow Analytics these last weeks :dart:.

Today, I’m happy to share with you what have been released!

Lemonflow Plugin v1.3.1

  • Stability improvements
    Improved management of different web browsers.

  • Performance improvements
    For some users, previous versions of the plugin could slow down their workflows. With the latest version, the tracking does not impact your Bubble app’s performance at all.

Lemonflow Dashboard

  • Event Properties
    Understand much better than before how users interact on your Bubble app with the new properties collected by Lemonflow:

    Bubble Page
    Location: country, region, city
    Device Type: Smartphone, Desktop
    Bubble Environment: Test or Live
    And more…

  • UX improvements
    Redesign the dashboard to offer a better user experience.

If you already use Lemonflow, make sure to update the Lemonflow Analytics plugin to the latest version in order to get all of these improvements.

Lemonflow Plugin

Lemonflow website

If you have any questions or feedback – don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thank you,
Lemonflow founder


Hi @Lemonflow ,

This looks great!
Can I send user data on the plugin action, like email or first name of the current user for example?

Hi @kristianfreeh454

Thank you for your message!
Yes, you can send any property through the plugin.

By selecting “current_user.” on the Bubble workflow, you will be able to track the properties that you want. Lemonflow will also collect some properties by default ( Bubble Page, User country, User Browser, etc… )

Perfect :+1:

Very cool! Thank you

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Looks interesting :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone :wave: !

A new version of Lemonflow Analytics has been released :tada:

This major update includes the following features:

:white_check_mark: Get all the main metrics of your Bubble app at a glance

  • Total Pageviews
  • Top Countries
  • Top Pages
  • Device informations
  • Last Events
  • Last Users

:white_check_mark: See in real-time the users on your Bubble app

  • Location
  • Device
  • Last Page Visited

Check out the free Lemonflow plugin here:

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Love the features !
Thanks a lot!

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Hi Bubblers :wave:

A lot of new features have been released on Lemonflow this week !

:bar_chart: Insights Page

This page gives you actionable insights from you Bubble app :dizzy:

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly User Growth
  • Growth chart day by day

:trophy: Events Tracking from the backend workflow

You can now track user events directly from the workflow backend

:white_check_mark: Development / Live environnements

You now have access to 2 distinct environments on your Dashboard ( Dev and Live )


@Lemonflow dope product! We’ve been looking for an easy to use analytics tool that wasn’t google analytics so this is perfect. simple and easy to use. a few questions/points of feedback:

  1. Looks like the design is slightly off on the homepage:
  2. There does seem to be a delay between the dashboard loading and the events/users appearing - CleanShot 2022-10-03 at 16.14.22 · CleanShot Cloud (I didn’t trim this video so you can watch me go through things live)
  3. is it possible to add people from our company to be able to access our dashboard?
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Hi @Lemonflow really great plugin, I am using it for my app now.

Do you have any plan to make Lemonflow send back data to Bubble so that we can build some logic based on the analytics?

Example, I would like to rearrange repeating group menu based on the most popular menu (from view event sent to Lemonflow).

Thank you.

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Hi @Toby1,

Thanks for your feedback and so sorry for the late reply - a lot has happened at Lemonflow in the last few weeks.

A major update has just been released last week. This should make the dashboard much more responsive. As we use a caching mechanism, there may still be a (fairly short) delay between when an event is tracked and its visibility in the dashboard.

1. It looks like the homepage design is slightly off.
I’ll fix that quickly.

2. Here does seem to be a delay between the dashboard loading and the events/users appearing.
This should be fixed by the update.

3. Is it possible to add people from our company to be able to access our dashboard?
This feature is in the roadmap! I will keep you informed as soon as it goes into production.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
Best regards,

Hi @faisalkarimstubapp ,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Do you have any plan to make Lemonflow send back data to Bubble so that we can build some logic based on the analytics?

Yes, this feature should arrive in the next few weeks. It will possible to:

  • Retrieve metrics via the Lemonflow API (e.g. by using the API Connector in your workflows)
  • Retrieve real-time information about the user (location, device, etc…) via new actions from the plugin (Get user location, etc…)

This should meet your needs!
I will keep you informed as soon as this feature is available in production.

Best regards,

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Love this. You are awesome. Looking forward!

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Hi! This is great, currently using it in a client’s app.

Some questions:

  • Is there a limit for calling the API?
  • Do you have an estimated date for the app for being commercial? how is the pricing going to be?
  • Is there a way to filter properties? (right now i’m using the same set of properties on each call, for example: {‘user’ : uuid, ‘itemID’: uuid}, it would be great to filter this keys!)

Thank you!

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Hi @tgmoron

Thank you for reaching out!

Is there a limit for calling the API?
No, as we’re still in early access, you can track as many users/events as you want.

Do you have an estimated date for the app for being commercial?
how is the pricing going to be?

We estimate the release of the commercial version in January or February 2023. There will be two plans available then.

  • Free plan: This plan will have a limit on monthly active users (MAU) and should be suitable for most Bubble users with simple use cases.

  • Premium plan: This plan will have a higher MAU limit and will have premium features, such as Slack notifications, emails, multi-apps management, and automations. It will be available at about 10€ / month.

Is there a way to filter properties?
Not yet, but this feature is on the roadmap and will be delivered very soon.

Don’t hesitate if you have any question or want more details :slight_smile:
Best regards

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That’s great to know! I’m curious, what’s the stack of the app, how is it built? Is the API running entirely in Bubble or the API relies in an external server with microservices?.

Great work btw, its a great idea and works flawessly!

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Yes, we have developed a set of micro-services for data ingestion, storage, and querying.
All data is stored on an open-source database optimized for analytics and hosted in Europe.

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