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NEW PLUGIN 🥳 Smaal Tags by

Hi @joe5 - me again :slight_smile:
Now the same issue with “Default selection” - tags don’t show when using option sets. Could you update pls?
Many thanks,

Dang! Just fixed that :slight_smile: Our big update coming in the next couple weeks should fix all this option set vs data type issues!

Terrific! Looking forward to your bug update! :slight_smile:

Dude this is one sweet plugin! Thanks for building this. Works great and so many uses.

thanks so much that means a lot!

@joe5 Thanks for pushing the update so fast. I tried it with custom states but it’s not working for me. And can we have the option for a static icon? This would help when using custom states

The default/fallback icon will be available in our next big update so stay tuned for that!

As for custom states - mind DMing me a link to your setup so I can take a look?

Hi @joe5 - small bug detected: When working with option sets / element states and using something other than the thing’s display for smaal tags (see attachment), the workflow step to set the last selected smaal tag as state does not work correctly - it seems it does not take the ‘thing’ itself but the field chosen in the label text.

Thanks for the heads up!! Since bubble JUST fixed this to allow more than just Display last week it seems, we will be updating the plugin ASAP this/next week to get this updated.


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