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NEW PLUGIN 🥳 Smaal Tags by

Your best bet might be to just subscribe and try - shouldn’t take long to test with your data set for now! If you unsubscribe because it won’t work for you, you’ll get a pro-rated refund from Bubble :+1:

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@joe5 would it be possible in the future to choose an Icon instead of an image ? I mean native Icons instead uploading them. :slight_smile:

thanks already!

sorry for a second post here, but maybe there is someone who can help me.

I am trying to translate the Tags via Google Translate Api, but the Plugin only shows the translations as a text with a , as delimiter unfortunately. I attached two pictures to show the problem:

  1. Original language: working

  2. Translated via Google Api: not working


Hey there!

We are working on what it’d take to add Heroicons to this as an option so stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Can you share a screenshot of how you’re using both in tandem?


Great news!

Of course:


Even without unique items its not working with the translations.

Thanks already!

Hi there,

I am having issues when trying to create a chat with the plugin (& generally when only showing a single tag - because I can only set a “list of things” and not a single “thing” as source).

So when I try to create a chat with a repeating-group for “messages”, I cannot insert the Element inside the RG and then only show 1 Tag with “current cell’s message”.

I already wanted to use it twice - but ran into the same issue. It would be great to have the option to only select a single “thing” instead of “list of things”.

Eventually to create a chat would also be possible if there where an option to arrange the tags vertically instead of horizontally. :slight_smile:


@joe5 does bubble not support retrieving an option’s field content for the dynamic icon? See attached - my data source is an option set. Thanks!

Hey there!

you should be able to “do a search for” and then limit it to 1 item for the tags data source! Then add a “converted to list” at the end so the plugin reads it as a list. That way it’s just 1 item, but it’s formatted like a list for Bubble.

Then wherever you’re trying to pull the single tag, you should be able to!

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We had added the field options to the top of the settings so you should see the Icon’s Default, Hover, and Selected state field options right at the top of the element settings, instead of choosing it in the dynamic icon settings for each tag :+1:

What your screenshot shows is a better spot for choosing a different/related data tag or data sources icon.

Got it - thanks @joe5 !
Any plans to include font awesome support?

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Just to let everyone know who faces the same issue. Its not a smaal plugin issue its because I am sending the words which are going to be translated as a text, separated by a comma. So you have to use the following extract with regex: [^,]+ to make it a list again and it works fine!

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As I am already here, would it be possible in the future to have a conditional setting of when a condition is true → change label text to another field?

I would love that feature for mutlilangual tags!

I am still experiencing the height issue with Smaal Tags and the fields are overlapping. See attached.

not quite yet! we’d likely include before FontAwesome - only because the icons are generally nicer looking. But open to recommendations!

It’s a hefty re-work to get a set of icons in there currently so we’ll see how long that will take.

thanks for the update David!

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I’ll add that to our feature requests David!

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hey there! could you DM me a link to your project? happy to check out what’s happening here!