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NEW PLUGIN 🥳 Smaal Tags by

Hey Joe!

Thanks for the quick response!

It’s in a client app, so can’t share access unfortunately. Would it be enough to share a screenshot of the element settings?

This is a really great plugin, however I’m not sure if what I’m doing is possible or not, as I can’t get it to work, and it has me going in circles.

I have repeating group where each records has a bunch of records.
Above the repeating group I have ‘Tag cloud’ that only shows the tags thats currently being shown in the repeating group.

I want to use the tag cloud as filtering system so when you click the different tags it filters all the records that does not have those sequences of tags - but at the same time the tag cloud should then only show relevant leftover tag (only show the tags that is left in the repeating group).

I’ve gotten so far to get the above to work, but where I can’t get it to work is once you unclick a tag the repeating group will not update.

First I have a group that wraps the tag cloud and the repeating group where I have a state that takes a list from the tag cloud.

My Tag cloud only shows the elements in the in the repeating group - I also have default value set to the above mention selection state, as thats the only way I can get the tags to show they are selected.

My repeating group only has a condition to show everything in the the material database if no tags are selected.

Then I have a workflow to run everytime a work flow is selected and that checks which selected tag intersects with what tag in the repeating group.

Finally i’m using setting the state to the selected tags to push into the default selection.

But once I unclick a tag it does not work. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

yes that would work!

Hey there!

I might need access to your app (you can DM me the link) so we can help troubleshoot. Tough to wrap our minds around it otherwise. :slight_smile:

Ok, sure :slight_smile:

Have my hands a bit full atm - I can set up an example app and see if it behaves the same way there. It’s easy to get around, so no big worry from my side. I’ll let you know when I have one set up :slight_smile:

This is such a great plugin! Before I was using multiselect tabs with inputs disabled… this is 10000x better. Thanks!

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When displaying tags from a record, having one or more tags selected, and then the record gets modified, the smaal tags element seems to reset itself and the selected tags become unselected.

:heart_eyes: Freaking beautiful and useful plugin. Purchased on sight! Love how it solves design as well! Thank you for building this!

Two questions:

  • It seems it’s only pulling “text” types from my search, not number types. Is this by design? (I’m treating it like a Repeating Group)
  • Any chance we could make the label field dynamic? Like [Current cell’s name • Current cell’s score] like we do with RGs so that I can have richer labels?

Additionally, it would be great if the the selected Small Tag could pass data (current cell, or data from which the Tag got its data) to be used in a workflow, for example, to be used as navigation:


Thank you @joe5

thanks for the love Katherine!!!

I’ll do some testing around this and see what’s up with it! Thanks for notifying me!

Great suggestion! I’ll chat with the team to see if we can make that feature request happen (sending the parent thing’s data)

To your questions:

  1. It can either use data types or a list of texts. You should be able to convert a number to text though as a workaround!
  2. Dynamic label field - this is something we’re thinking about for a big new update! Definitely takes away the beginner-friendly UI of just choosing fields, so we may make a second element that is a more advanced option!

Hi @joe5,

I am not sure if this behavior is already possible to achieve, but I was not able to do it. If no I have a small suggestion that would make the plugin more useful when used as menu or tabs.

It would be nice if there was an option to always have 1 tag selected. If you click on the selected option it should stay selected - if you click on another it should change selection to that option. Basically the function of tabs.

Some use cases: menu, tabs, categories etc.