[New Plugin] SparkLite API - Convert complex spreadsheet calculations into running APIs

Hello Bubblers,

I’ve released a new plugin for integrating SparkLite API with Bubble.

SparkLite can advance your apps by converting complex spreadsheet calculations into running APIs, without code. Visit their website to get your APIs:

How to use:

  1. Upload your spreadsheet on SparkLite.
  2. Get your API endpoint.
  3. Install this plugin and add an action “SparkLite API” to your workflow.
  4. Follow the guide on SparkLite. Add the endpoint and the inputs parameters.
  5. Get the outputs.

Demo page: Your Bubble app

Demo editor: Plugin-test-sparklite | Bubble Editor

Documentation: Welcome! - SparkLite API Plugin

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Hi there,

I’m testing out Sparklite to see if it would be a good fit for a fintech app we are working on.

I created a very basic test Excel sheet that has one input and two outputs.

The input receives a stock ticker symbol. Excel then uses the built in STOCKHISTORY function to look up some information, crunch a few easy numbers and then the output provides a simple test number.

So far, every time I test the API from my Dashboard and submit a stock ticker symbol, I only get an empty return (#NAME).

Is this because Sparklite is not allowing a brief moment for the STOCKHISTORY call to populate the data in the sheet? Or is that type of functionality simply not available to work in Sparklite?


i’m also trying to get this working but having a ton of difficulty. I’ve tried looking at the documentation on the sparklite website and haven’t been able to get things working. tried the sparklite demo bubble page - it’s throwing errors. As far as I can tell, everything is set correctly, API calls are being made, however if there’s output values being returned to bubble, I cant get them to show. no error messages, no json showing in the text field as they show in the documentation etc.

i’m hoping to have a user be able to enter a dataset, then for some basic calculations to be returned to them. once i get this figured out, i’ll start returning more complex calculations. but i am def stuck. would love to see it get sorted out.

just in case anyone else is following this thread, i’ve managed to get API calls generally functioning and output values displayed in bubble; however, the authorization token from sparklite expires after 2 hrs, and you have to manually re-enter the token in the plugin to keep it working. I’m now stuck at trying to get a multi-line input field to send a dataset to sparklite. i only get default data returned and it seems that a multiline input isn’t working correctly (single value input cell works ok).