👾 [New Plugin] Sprite Sheet Animation by EzCode

Hi no-coders !
Meet new plugin
plugin_gif_logogif Sprite Animation

Create an animation from a sprite sheet.
Easy to use, responsive and deeply configurable.


Can be controlled from the workflow or just setup from the plugin element settings to autoplay and it’s done.

Actions, events and states:

Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 12.26.16

Plugin settings
  • Sprite sheet: an image that consists of several smaller images (sprites) and/or animations

  • Autoplay: If checked, the animation will start when page is loaded.

  • Direction: Will go trough frames from left to right or reverse.

  • FPS (Frames Per Second): speed of the animation.

  • Loop: If checked the animation will play continuously without stopping or pausing.

  • Total frames: Number of steps (or frames) composing the sprite.

  • Rows: Number of rows (or lines) composing the sprite.

Additional INFO
The frame will fit in the plugin element sizes.
The frames should be evenly spread on the sprite sheet (see an example in our demo).

Demo: https://ezcodepluginsdemo.bubbleapps.io/sprite_animation

Editor Demo: https://bubble.io/page?version=live&type=page&name=sprite_animation&id=ezcodepluginsdemo

Plugin: https://bubble.io/plugin/sprite-animation-1590743180668x613986242383315000

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Regards, Andrew from EzCode Team


Hi there! Interested in this plugin. Is there a specification for the sprite sheet? I see the one you used in the demo, and I have some sprites, but not sure how these should be arranged on a page/image in order to be used by the plugin. Any directions on that? Thanks!

Oh, I may have figured it out. Found this handy online sprite sheet generator.

Thanks! If you have other suggestions, happy to have them. And thanks for all your great work. Use your Web3 plugins and think your team and products are really first rate!

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Thank you for kind words, glad you like them :pray: