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[New plugin] "Sunburst Chart" - Data Visualization

Hi everyone,

I just published a new plugin that let you add a fully mobile responsive sunburst chart to your application!

:arrow_right: Demo page (editor is public): Fully Responsive Sunburst Chart
:arrow_right: Plugin page: "Sunburst Chart" - Visualize Data Plugin | Bubble

You can always reach out to me for questions, bug reports or feature requests!


Bravo @Thimo. This plugin works great! Beautiful, smooth animations and simple implementation. I appreciate the fast support as well.

I look forward to future updates that expand on the functionality. A few things I would love to see in future updates:

  • More label customization - maybe a show on hover?
  • Parent relationships via custom data types rather than just text

Great work!

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Thank you @ahlmark! I will definitely look into implementing your feature requests in future updates for the plugin! :slight_smile:

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That looks awesome Thimo - just want I need! Was going to try stacking donuts and re-calculating on clicks!

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Hey @Thimo, plugin looks great.

Is there any update to this that would allow us to present grouped aggregate data from the search results (eg: sum of value for child, sum of children values for parents), rather than just Text that exists within the simple search results?


@brightmike154 As the plugin needs three fields (‘Name’, ‘Value’, ‘Parent’) and a grouping only returns 2 fields, this is unfortunately not (yet) possible