[New Plugin] Supabase.js - With Auth, Data and Storage

Hi, how can we filter columns with different types of filters other than ‘eq’? such as IS IN, IS NOT IN, NOT EQUAL, etc.

There may still be a need for the Refresh action. Use case: I trigger an edge function that internally updates a table, and I want to display the updated data in the client. Without the refresh action I’m not sure how to do this.

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I am trying to apply a filter on column that is a primary key to a foreign table. I am also attempting to retrieve other fields from this foreign table.


data_object_id_followed is the primary key in the table data_object.

https://qsebxwtzwcaezjgbvbgs.supabase.co/rest/v1/data_connection?select=*, data_object_id_followed (id, name, url_objectimage)

I get the following error which appears to be a Supabase issue.

Is there a way to get around this? I can certainly duplicate the column I want to filter on, but I would rather avoid doing that. Thanks!

This will come with the next major update, I’m currently working on that!

If you have Real-time active, it will automatically refresh the query in the frontend when the edge function runs, because it listens to Database changes.

You should be able to filter based on the foreign key, I’m not 100% sure where the issue could be. Maye you can try the Filter name as data_object_id_followed.id

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Ha! Not sure why I didn’t think to try the dot notation. That worked. Thank you!

And great news about the advanced filtering.

On the refresh action topic - I have a postgresql function that updates 500+ rows in the database. When I enable realtime on this, the client gets 500+ updates and tries to fetch the data 500+ times. In this case, it would be better to disable realtime and just keep the manual Refresh action instead to fetch the updated data one time.

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[New Update 1.9.0: Multi-Factor Authentication]

Added a new updates for MFA. You should be able to: Add a new Factor, Create a Challenge and Verify it, Unenroll Factor, Get Authenticator Assurance Level. Here’s the documentation, and some notes:

  • The QR code is being outputted as an svg code, so use an HTML element on the page to display it by referencing the Auth Element’s state: “MFA - QR Code”. It will also only appear after the action, but the ID will be shown later too as it’s needed for the verification and unenroll actions.
  • Only TOTP is supported so far via qr code.
  • If you unenroll a Factor, it will really be downgraded the next time the user is logged out, and logs in again.
  • There’s Actions and Event for every part so you can track or update your Database if needed. However you should find all related info inside auth.mfa_factors and auth.mfa_challenges
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My initial response to the embedded resources issue being resolved was not correct. Using the dot notation to reference the id eliminates the error raised by Supabase but the actual filter does not work when applied. The entire dataset is returned.

Any other thoughts?

Any update? I’m waiting this one as well

@petersas There may be a bug with the new Advanced Filter for Delete action. Now, if you don’t use the advanced_filter field, and just use the Filter Name / Filter Value fields as before, the call results in an Error 400 - “DELETE requires a WHERE clause”.

Thank you, I’ve taken a note, will push a fix with the next release!

Yes, I’m doing some testing now, and just need to finish up with a few things before releasing it.

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Could you please add Sign In with Apple? They require it when your app has any 3rd party logins which is absurd.

EDIT: Got past this to get the app approved by disabling it on iOS during review and then re-enabling it after. The issue now is that the Supabase login for Google on the iOS app shows Error 403: useragent_disallowed when I try to use it. Interestingly, the native Bubble plugin for Google sign in works fine in the same mobile app. Any ideas on how to get this to work?

Can send you the two different authentication sessionlinks by DM if you need more info.

Hi there. Any timeframe for this feature?

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Will be released next week with Multi-file Uploader :v:


Please include UPSERT feature. THANK YOU!

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What’s the counter part of “stay logged-in” and “remember email” in this plugin? Something to do with the “remember me” checkbox before logging in.

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@petersas get a chance to checkout why the Supabase Google Login is blocked on mobile?

Can you send me the details via dm? I’ll take a look

The plugin will keep you logged in until the session expires, that’s after a very very long time. The remember email is a Bubble feature, I guess it saves it somewhere in a cookie or browser storage. There should be several custom options for that.

And Upsert is coming with next update!

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@petersas something wrong with the delete action? I doesn’t work in demo either.

hi @petersas , excited with the next plugin update. :slight_smile:

Question. Can you suggest how to make a database call via JS/Toolbox plugin for functions that are not yet supported by your plugin? Will it need to initialize/authenticate the SDK first or not needed since this is done by your plugin?