Haven’t had a chance to take a look during the weekend. Will look into this in the next 24 hours

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Check the demo page and editor now. It works. The extra blank space issue you’re facing appears to be a bubble bug.

When you do a this thing’s list of texts, bubble automatically adds a space preceeding every text. To prevent bubble from doing this, you should use this thing’s list of texts join with ,

Nevertheless, I’ll release a updated version in a week or so wherein the code will take care of this blank space internally.

Just published a new version where the code will auto-remove the additional space while setting up tags.

Enjoy !

cc @StevenM @NigelG @noipe @mattblake



Thank you!

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Thank you!!!

hey @gaurav,

Thanks for the plugin. Was wondering if you could help me out in figuring out exactly how to go about implemenitng the hashtag twitter type functionality on my site. I have posted the below topic regarding that.

Hi there!

I’ve been playing around with this plugin and managed to setup the mentions in my multiline input.
Once that comment is posted. I would like to have that mention highlighted though. So you could be able to click on it and get to the profile’s user.

I set it up like shown, but it still isn;t working.

Any advice, please? :slight_smile:

Thank you!!

Unfortunately, I never figured this out.

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Can you maybe help on this please, @gaurav? :slight_smile:

Hi @AlexDaresTo,
Thanks for reaching out. Can you share a link to the editor? I will be able to take a look in the next day or two.

Much appreciated, @gaurav!

Here is a link to the copy which you can edit:

Trying to set i tup in the “Community Message” group. (key: page ; parameter:community)

Thank you! :slight_smile:

This one over here @fayewatson :slight_smile:

@AlexDaresTo Hmm, I’m not too sure! I was able to get the colors when selecting a Mention(which I think you have) but couldn’t figure out how to change the color of the mentions in a text element, and make them clickable. I’m assuming this can be done by using find and replace as well, but I couldn’t get it working :slightly_frowning_face:

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What a shame! @rgnldbrks had the same issue! :frowning:
I hope @gaurav can help us out here :slight_smile:

I am looking at this right now. I noticed that you’re changing the input in the extract element to be its own output. That is very much likely to be the issue

Thank you Gaurav!
I did what I saw here in this thread, if this is wrong, would you mind helping how it should be? Seems I’m not the only one struggling with this. “Replace by” should then be “@mentions’ user” or how do I pull back the user (linked) by his username?


(1) The extract element simply takes a given text, and gets out the mentions, urls, emails etc. out of it and allows you to use them elsewhere.
(2) Take a look at this setup. Now in every cell, the extract element will allow you to use this info for that cell’s message.

(3) Now you have the text that you are displaying (see the element “Text This message”). The find and replace should be applied to this text.
(4) The issue you’ll run into here is that bubble will allow you to easily find and replace one match easily. What if a given message has two mentions e.g. @alex and @alex1. The extract element’s mentions will be a list of texts containing both of these. In the displayed text when you do find and replace, I dont think there’s a easy way in bubble to replace all at once instead of doing multiple find and replaces.

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So i just made changes to that page. It should ideally work for upto 3 mentions per message. Have a look. I couldn’t try it out because it requires login.

Thanks for the help. We appreciate it. I’m trying to change the url path when a tagged user is clicked but I’m having some issues. When I type in my new url path, it gets added to the current page’s url so it looks something like this: myapppage.com/version-test/user.com instead of just user.com. Any ideas? @gaurav @AlexDaresTo


I think that’s an issue with your bbcode and nothing to do with the extract plugin.
You probably need to write the full url there instead of just user.com currently.
i.e. [url=website home urluser.com
website home url being dynamic value