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Also if possible to move the mention box to the the front, it seems to disappear behind other RTE if in a repeating group, I know not your typical use case, but it would be really cool if you could please prioritise this one

mention floating behind - repeating group

I will PM you shortly

BTW last note, I noticed that it didn’t have a trigger to save to database without the need of a button, not asking you to do this too :slight_smile: but I thought I leave how I solved this in combination with using @levon’s solution -

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Can someone upload a video with steps to get the plug-in to work.

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hey i’m trying to use the tagger plugin but when i installed it all i see is “Extract” in the visual elements. can you pls help

Hi all,

I need some help with hashtags and related search. I have used the tagger plugin to extract hashtags from an input to a text box. I’m a little lost on the next step.

How can I make the hashtags clickable and lead to a search for all other topics with the same hashtag? Also if needed how can I display the hashtags as links within a given input field like in Facebook or Instagram?

Any help would be appreciated

Hi @deepak
You might wanna try @gaurav’s BDK Text Editor - from my understanding, this is more advanced.

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Hi @gaudenz, thank you very much for your suggestion - I will check it out now!

Hi @gaurav, thanks so much for this plugin! It’s brilliant!

I’ve been struggling with something that feels silly –

The selected user and the displayed user are mismatched (eg. when I select “Anne” from the dropdown, “Louise” is displayed).

Do you have any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?

@fayewatson May you be able to help me with this?

Did you figure this out?

I have a table called Macro.
This table has the normal Bubble + fields, the MACRO and DESCRIPTION fields.

I have a table called Macro.
This table has the normal Bubble + fields, the MACRO and DESCRIPTION fields.

Macro Description
@! Name Silvio
@!Address São Paulo

When in the multiline nput associated with Extract by the Html ID Attribute ID, when typing @ !, it shows the records from the Macro table and shows me to select.

When selecting, it doesn’t just replace the @! NAME, it gets @! @! NAME

How to fix this?

Another question: I need it after filling the multiline input with the text, for example.

Me @! NAME, address @! Address, he has to play the replacement of @! to another text, as if it were a macro substitution

Can you help me ?


Silvio Gregório

I put a Tagger plugin in the project.

tagger 1
tagger 2

Afraid not. Is this happening to you, too?

Did you ever get multiple mentions to work?

I still haven’t got it.