New Plugin: TopCal - Dates, Ranges and Time Slots

Essentially we were was just worried about being tied into a specific ux/ui look but looks like it’s a standalone plugin and we create whatever design we want.

Yes you can use the plugin with your own designs or UX. In the documentation app I give a standard design just to help new users and speed up implementation but it is not necessary for the plugin

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Hey, I’m running into some issues with setting availability. When I run the workflow, it’s not populating anything in the database with date ranges. But when I switch to using a list of dates, it does write to the database. The snag is getting it to include times. I’ve set it up just like the topical-example setting availability. In the screenshot, I don’t have the time hours, and minutes set up for this page.

Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 9.44.47 AM
Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 9.44.58 AM
Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 9.45.05 AM

What exactly do you mean here?
Sounds like everything is working if you use the Multiple Dates?

I think the Air date plugin has it’s own settings for publishing a List of Dates versus a single date so it may need to match up to whether you want to use a Single date or a List. I’d also recommend running the Debugger and Inspecting the elements before you run the workflow to make sure the values are going into the Set Availability element

hi @gf_wolfer - great plugin.

Is there a convenient way to show the initial content for each day’s timepicker? It is difficult for user to know if their availability has already been populated as these are always blank. Yes I could show separate text fields for each showing the populated times - but that isnt very good UX

Could you show me exactly what time pickers you are referring to?

yes these ones


Also, as a separate issue, I notice when a user books an available slot - that slot still shows as available. Same goes for your demo page.


Thanks for letting me know.
I just checked the demo page and when a booking is made we need to refresh the Repeating Group of times (I will get that added as a workflow soon), and then it will update and show the times with the one removed - clicking a different date and then back onto the day you just booked will show the times properly.
Essentially the Plugin is running and producing the updated times, but that Repeating Group needs to be updated

For those Inputs, the example of how to show it back to the user are to the right side and I think there was a bug in the Air Date plugin that kept it from working. So I updated that plugin to the newest version and it appears to be working now, thanks for the heads up!