[New Plugin] Turn the update app bar into a beautiful modal

Embarrassed by the ugly, black ‘update app’ bar that shows up at the top of the screen anytime you deploy your app? Now you can turn it into a beautiful modal instead!

All you have to do is install the plugin and it works out of the box.

But, wait, you would like more options you say?

More??? Well lets not be greedy now but how about options like:

  • Choosing where on the page it is shown
  • Changing the message and button text
  • Matching your brand colors

…and a visual configurator to boot?

Maybe something like this?

Aaaaand yep.

“Surely this is really expensive, Eli”


Check it out :point_right: 1T - Beautiful ‘Update App’ Alert


great idea!

Is it weird that i weigh how expensive a plugin is based off a pack of Marlboros in my country?(SGD$18 for those wondering)

That said i think its worth the asking price.


Haha, not weird at all. Love it!

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AHHH Thank you sooo much! Just implemented it, extremely easy and straight forward.

Although not asked for, lol, I have 2 recommendations/feature requests for a future update.

  • Configurator color picker with HEX value input, in order to be able to match app branding colors.
  • Button text conditional on language :grimacing:

Thanks a ton for such a great and easy implementation.

Great !!!