*New Plugin* UltiTools

I’m launching a new plugin that will be updated over time that will contain different tools and utilities to extend Bubble’s functionality. Here is the current list of tools available in UltiTools:

Copy to Clipboard:
Use this action to copy either a dynamic or static text value to the clipboard.

Set a Cookie:
You can use this action to set a cookie by a key and value.

Get a Cookie:
You can use this action to get a cookie by a key and the value will be put into the element’s state.

Get a JSON Value:
You can use this action to get a key’s value from a JSON string it also implements the same path feature in the JSON Iterate action which is used to get value from complex nested JSON strings. You can read more about this in the documentation.

JSON Iteration:
You can use this action to iterate over a JSON array that either returns a text value or a JSON encoded string that you can then use in the “Get a JSON Value” action for more complex workflows. This action also works with complex nested JSON strings by using our implemented path feature, you can read more about this in the documentation linked below.

This action allows you to push a JSON key and value to a JSON string, the JSON string is saved allowing you to run the action and add more keys into the JSON string.

JSON Clear
This action will clear the JSON string resetting it to “{}”.

Array Item Replace
If you have a list of texts and you need to replace 1 item by a specific id (can be set as a dynamic value) then you’ll be able to use this action by specifying the list array, the index of the item you want to replace and the value you want the item to be replaced with.

An additional thing you can do with this is add more items by making the index value field larger than the length of items in the list.

You can view the documentation, demo and purchase the plugin on my website here:

Or to go straight to the documentation go here:

I’ll be willing to hear your thoughts and I’ll be updating this thread as I add new tools and features!

1 License - £10.00 GBP One Time fee
2 Licenses - £15.00 GBP One Time fee
3 Licenses - £22.00 GBP One Time fee
4 Licenses - £25.00 GBP One Time fee

1 License can only be for 1 app at a time! So the more licenses you own the more apps can simultaneously use this plugin.

The Price for this plugin is also introductory which will likely go up as I add more features and updates to the plugin.

I’ll be updating the documentation to show off the JSON Iteration system however I’m trying to think of the best way to showcase it front end instead of back end in the editor :slight_smile:


Can you share the editor view so I can see how it works? And does this works like if it were “client side things”?

I’ll create a demo app and share the editor for it

Can you elaborate more on what you mean by “client side things”, at the moment I have not implemented any server side actions yet but do plan to look into that though. Client Side Things should still work, and are what I used to test it. Which tool are you asking about Client side things for?

Best Regards
Joshua Riley

Editor View of the demo application is now available:

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Hi @battlexgenerations,

I understand more your plugin with the editor, very usefull.

I have also a big concern. What happened if I need to add the plugin to another app and you’re not anymore available? Do you consider to add the plugin to bubble store even with a higher price?

The one thing that’s putting me off putting it in the bubble store is the fact that you can’t develop test applications with paid plugins, for example you need to be on a paid bubble plan to use a paid plugin, being on a paid plan to me makes it feel like it’s more of a production app instead of just testing on a free test app.

I plan to automate the activation system so it’s automatic when you activate your app it’ll add the plugin to your application within minutes automatically.

Best Regards,
Joshua Riley

Really interesting dilemma. On the one hand, no one can find your plugin in the Bubble search engine but like you said, you can install the plugin without needing the paid plan. An idea would be to have the plugin on the store, indicating the possibility of having it cheaper price directly on your site and also compatible for people with no plan? I’m telling you this because a few plugins builders have already disappeared over time. So I need it in the store. :slight_smile:

Ok, I do understand, will submit it to the plugin store soon, will be $20 one time price on the bubble store I think.

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The demo app at https://ultitools.bubbleapps.io/demo has been updated to include a fully working demo of my JSON Iteration tool!

Check the editor here: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=index&id=ultitools-demo&tab=tabs-1

Example use cases could be to iterate through JSON API data from an external API and optionally manipulate the data by getting each value by key using the Get a JSON Value action then put it into the bubble database.

Hopefully will be able to get it submitted to the bubble store soon :slight_smile:


I’ve decided to give away some copies of the UltiTool plugin before it officially goes in the store so I can get reviews, I have created a code “UltiSale48” that will allow you to use it 3 times for 3 licenses on 3 different apps, this code will only be available for 48hrs! Create an account to use this code here: https://ultitools.bubbleapps.io

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Where can this plugin be found? I need to use it to extract key value pairs from a huge nested json string and can’t find any other way to do it. I can’t find your plugin in the bubble store. Is it available?