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[New Plugin Updates] Drawing & Painting Canvas

I dont see the same options for my canvas. Im not sure how to add a background image that is not selectable. Please advise. :slight_smile:

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Hi @shay2 – thanks for reaching out!

You should be able to access it from the standard properties menu on the design tab:

If you don’t see it, please make sure you’ve upgraded the plugin to the latest version and refreshed your editor page:


Awesome, thanks! Also attempting to create an “unlock element” button to update unselectable element and make them selectable again- any suggestions on the workflow for this?

Hey @shay2 – glad to hear the solution worked out!

Regarding the “unlock element” feature – currently, you should be able to lock the entire Canvas or unlock the entire Canvas using the settings/workflow actions with the plugin. Do you need to unlock a specific element or the entire Canvas?

Corner Roundness is not working

Please fix this bug ASAP

스크린샷 2021-10-03 오후 4.40.30

Is there anyway to add shadow to the shape?

It would be good to set the value for the shadow color, opacity, radius, offset values.

Update v1.44.0: Added ability to add corner roundness to rectangles on canvas element

Hey all, I’ve added the ability to add a corner roundness (radius in px) for rectangle shapes from the design tab. This does not apply to Ellipses, Lines, or Triangles. I’ve also fixed the corner roundness property on the workflow action side that was not registering the roundness (thanks @taejun for reporting that bug). Enjoy!


Hi @alex4
I am a big fan of your wonderful plugins, having used them for over 6 months.

I am using it in the education field and I have one feature to request.

It is the eraser function.

I’m currently using the selection tool to select and delete strokes, but I’m finding it difficult to selectively delete strokes that I’ve drawn freehand.
Especially for children, it seems to be a difficult operation.

Ideally, I would like to have an eraser tool that behaves as follows

  1. Select the eraser tool
  2. Trace the canvas with the Eraser tool.
  3. only the strokes touched by the eraser tool will be deleted.

Thank you very much!

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Hi @t-mizuta thanks for reaching out! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed using the plugin and that it’s been helpful for your use case.

I’ll message you via PM to follow up on your inquiry.


This JavaScript Image Editor / Canvas has a lot of cool features, like eraser, blur parts, add filters, etc…, also, it is very smooth.

I think @alex4’s plugin should give some more features, like a simple png download, eraser, and locking an image.

Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

Awesome plugin!
I see that a person can delete elements pressing “backspace” on keyboard

But I miss a button so the user can delete elements, It would be very useful in case a person is drawing on mobile

Currently, I don’t think that a person on mobile will be able to delete elements

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@technoswift – thanks for the kind words! Yes it is possible to upload an image onto the canvas from your computer or from S3 storage (you just need the URL but make sure CORS is set to “true” if that is the case)

Hi @alex4,
Can we add cliparts / icons and change the colors on the canvas as we do for shapes.
we want to provide graphics/ clipart options to our users so that they can create posters.

  1. Select Background image / color
  2. Add icons / cliparts / graphics (colors change as shapes)
  3. Add image
  4. Add text
  5. Draw free hand
  6. Add shapes


Hey Nittn,

Can we add cliparts / icons

Yes, you can do so by using the “add image to canvas” feature – you’ll just need to have the URL or file for your images

and change the colors on the canvas as we do for shapes.

Are you asking about changing the color of the images or shapes? If you’re asking about images, you cannot change the color of the image, since it should be a file type

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!


Hey Alex,
Can you add color change feature to .png file type or Icons like we change color or shapes.

Is it possible to have the ability to download as svg??